7 Ways to Reduce Stress The Day Of Your Job Interview

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After weeks of responding to job postings, you finally land an interview. This could be a pivotal moment in your life so it’s natural to feel nervous and a little stressed. But there’s no reason to let stress rule the day, says career coach Lisa Quast. “Life routinely throws us curves, and that’s just as likely to happen on your job-interview day as any other day,” Quast says. It’s important to know ways to reduce stress and keep your mind focused. “Traffic could be bad. You might spill something on the blouse you planned to wear. Any number of things could go wrong that aren’t directly related to the interview, but can knock you off your game.”

While it’s not possible to anticipate every scenario, Quast says a little preparation can help you keep the anxiety level manageable.

She offers these seven ways to reduce stress as you navigate your interview day as stress free as possible:

Ways to reduce stress: know where you need to go.

Don’t wait until right before an interview to make sure you have the correct address and phone number. Verify these online by checking the company website a few days ahead of time. You also should download driving directions or program the address into your phone to find potential routes and estimated drive times. “When in doubt, do a trial run,” Quast says. “You can drive there the weekend before to get the lay of the land and see where to park.” A great way to reduce stress is to not rely on technology alone. Always have a hard copy with the address and driving directions, just in case GPS fails you.

Ways to reduce stress: Obtain the correctly spelled name of the interviewer.

Bring a printout of the job posting. “It always surprises me how many people show up for a job interview and can’t remember the name of the hiring manager or even the job title of the position they’re interviewing for,” Quast says. “Don’t be one of those people.” To reduce stress, know what you’re interviewing for and the name of the individual you’ve been in contact.

Ways to reduce stress: Schedule enough time for the interview.

Block your calendar so you won’t need to rush from one job interview to the next, or go straight to practice or head back to school. “The interview could take much longer than you think,” Quast says. For example, if things are going well, you might be asked to interview with others in the organization. Be sure to schedule ample time in case you need to stay longer. “You don’t want to be stealing quick glances at your watch when you should be listening to what the hiring manager is saying,” Quast says.

Ways to reduce stress: Turn off your cell phone.

An incredibly important, but often overlooked, way to reduce stress is to turn off your phone. “When I say off, I mean off,” Quast says. “Don’t put it on vibrate.” The reason, she says, is that almost everyone can hear a cell phone vibrating in a purse, briefcase or pocket. You’ll be aware that a call is coming in for you. The people interviewing you will be aware. And you’ll be aware that they’re aware.

Ways to reduce stress: Take a bathroom break before the interview.

Use the restroom before you leave your house to help reduce stress on your body before your interview. Avoid too much soda or other liquids shortly before your interview. If you need to use the bathroom when you arrive at the company, ask the hostess or clerk to point you in the right direction before he or she informs the hiring manager that you’ve arrived.

Ways to reduce stress: Give yourself a pep talk (or ask someone else to give you the encouragement you need).

Remind yourself of your incredible qualities (God made you incredible, don’t deny that reality). One of the most powerful ways to reduce stress is to trust that God is directing you to this job. Memorize uplifting and encouraging scripture to recite in your mind while you’re waiting or driving to the interview. “One additional thing, mentally remind yourself of all the things you plan to do during the interview, the points you want to make about your experience and the questions you have about the company,” says Quast.

Tell God how you feel and what you expect to reduce stress.

Pray. Tell God that you really want this job, or tell Him how you’d like the interview to go. Ask Him for courage, strength and the right words. Spending a moment focusing on God will help calm your nerves and remind you that He has everything under control. What an incredible way to reduce stress.

“You may not be able to eliminate all the butterflies, but your preparation should help reduce the stress and let you concentrate on making the most of the opportunity.”

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