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Anna Golden’s childhood was consumed by LA auditions. With her three siblings – John, Liz and Josh – she starred in a plethora of mainstream entertainment outlets. But at the early age of 15, Anna knew it wasn’t for her. She didn’t like the demand, strain and burden of a very public life. “I remember having a moment with my parents where I told them the attention was too much pressure for me,” explains Anna. 

But how could her parents just let her quit? Clearly she had a talent and incredible passion. That very conversation led her to worship ministry. “I loved leading worship because none of the attention was on me. All the glory is directed to God,” says Anna Golden. When most young women her age are seeking attention, she’s focusing on God. 

So Anna dove head first into worship, and eventually became the leader of her church’s youth worship team. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy her incredible passion for worshiping God. She started independently recording and releasing her own worship songs. 

Finding Anna Golden

As God would ordain, the incredibly talented and award winning Tasha Cobbs Leanard would invite Anna Golden to sing on her album. Tasha is known for her amazing contemporary gospel music. She’s one of the most iconic gospel singers of our day. One album wasn’t enough, Anna became background vocalist for Tasha and sang alongside her at her local church. 

Along with Cobbs, Anna is on the forefront of a new wave of artists who are redefining Christian worship music. Tasha is taking her drive for this new sound and style by creating her own record label, which is a division of Capitol CMG. Anna Golden was her first signed artist. Anna’s drive is pushing her toward a style of worship music that can exist both within the walls of the church as well as have a place outside in the world.

Anna Golden’s Peace: The Album

Her 16 song project, Peace: The Album, is a two sided medley that presents live, worship songs for the heartbeat of the church on one side and the passion-driven songs that capture the pulse of daily living. The album entails both studio and live songs.

Although the album is titled Peace: The Album, the inspiration for the album is more of the warfare of worship. When we are worshiping, we are stacking a claim. We are fighting a battle. We are winning a race. “I believe that music is a beautiful translator to anything that the Lord wants to say to someone,” Anna Golden shares. “My mission when I’m leading worship is to extend what has been extended to me—the power that’s in worship, the warfare that’s in worship, the peace.” 

Praise and Worship Songs by Anna Golden: Peace (The Album)

The title track started out as a personal expression of Anna Golden’s struggles. In the midst of pain and torment, Anna found remarkable peace. Her hope is that this song, and the entire album, would become a place of healing – especially for those who struggle with depression and anxiety. 

Up and Coming Anna Golden

She not only offers this peace to strangers who listen to the song, or her congregation as they experience heartfelt worship. She offers this to her friends. Since Anna Golden has been a part of the LA celebrity scene since childhood, she’s surrounded by the young and the famous. So one night, while hanging out with her sister and friend Selena Gomez, the trio recorded an acoustic version of the then popular song “The Blessing.” In the midst of the pandemic, Selena needed the comfort and reassurance of that powerful song. In the video recording, which Gomez posted on social media, Anna is singing her heart out. As a result, the world took notice. Anna Golden is no longer just a Radio Disney kid; she has drive, passion and a purposeful future.

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