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Looking to the Stars but finds Stardom

Anne Wilson has always looked to the heavens. Growing up on a farm in Kentucky, she marveled over the vastness of the universe. She was set on becoming an astronaut and working for NASA. But heaven seemed to collide when her older brother, whom she adored and dearly loved, died in a car accident.

The next morning, amidst the questions and the pain, she found herself sitting at the piano and praising the Lord. “I took that time to thank the Lord for giving me Jacob and the years that I had him,” says Anne. As she was singing praises to the Lord, her parents asked her to sing at her brother’s funeral. Singing at his funeral was the first time she ever sang publicly. Anne felt the Lord calling her to worship Him.  

Worship Me, Praise My Name, Glorify Me

A video of her moving performance organically circulated, eventually landing her a record deal. Anne Wilson signed with Capitol Christian Music Group just before the pandemic. She spent time at her family farm really delving into song writing during the quarantine. She released her three song EP My Jesus earlier this year and now is releasing her My Jesus (Live from Nashville) EP. “It is going to be fun to share these live songs we just recorded at White Dove Barn,” she states. 

After singing for only four years, Anne Wilson is blown away by the overwhelming response to My Jesus. “I’ve been super surprised at the response to my single,” says Anne Wilson. “Since I had never released any music before, I was excited and anxious.”

Beauty from Ashes for Anne Wilson

Coming off a year when so many people experienced loss. God used Anne’s EP to make a huge impact. “I remember praying the night before ‘My Jesus’ released, ‘God, I’ve done what I can do with this song. This is up to you and whatever you want to do with the song’,” says Anne. “I had this peace come upon me and knowing that God had a plan, no matter what happened,” she continued. 

Anne’s story of the loss of her brother was so relatable to many people, but what distinguished Anne from all the rest was that she used that pain and suffering to praise the Lord. “When I hear stories, where people are being specifically impacted by [My Jesus], it is such an encouragement to my heart because it reminds me that God has such good plans for us,” proclaims Anne. 

She could have continued to pursue her dream of becoming an astronaut, but instead she chose Jesus. “For me, moving forward. No matter how hard this gets, I’m choosing to trust God,” exclaims Anne. After her brother died, Anne stated, “All I had in me was the desire to worship the Lord and praise Him.”

Anne Wilson on My Jesus and The Devil

When penning the song “My Jesus,” Anne went to what she knows best. As she was reading through her journal, she quickly realized that any time she wrote about her relationship with Christ, she described Him as “My Jesus.” “I pray that I never write a song that doesn’t come from what I’m going through,” says Anne as she continues to describe how she is drawn to musicians who are confident in their vulnerability. She co-wrote “My Jesus” with Matthew West and Jeff Pardo, who invite listeners into a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord. “It’s been unexpected, but it’s been so incredible to see, and I’m so humbled and honored that He’s using me as His vessel to spread the gospel and to remind people that they can have a personal relationship with the Lord.”

During a song-writting session, Anne got into a conversation about how it always feels like the enemy has total victory. He consumes our hearts and minds with malicious falsehood. It’s easy to believe these lies. But, God will prevail. Anne describes the song “Devil” by saying, “God has the victory, not the Devil. We don’t have to live in shame.” She goes on to describe what it felt like when she was writing the song. Anne proclaims that there was a furey within about “all the things he’s done in my life and being able to declare the truth of God over that.”

Anne’s new album includes live versions of these two fan favorites as well as “Something About the Name.” But she’s bringing a new song to the table (as well as a cover of Little Big Town’s “Boondocks). “No Place Like Home” is an incredible story song that’s composed of sweet and beautiful memories. “I’m really excited to share the new song, ‘No Place Like Home,’ as it is my favorite song I’ve written. It’s about my brother Jacob and I’s memories together. It’s truly an incredible song that captures the times we had together as brother and sisters on my grandfather’s farm. I’ll always cherish those memories we have with him and I’m ready to share it with the world. I wrote this song on the same day as ‘My Jesus’ with Jeff and Matthew and we wrote it in about 10 minutes! It just came together so beautifully.”

Life with Jesus always comes together so beautifully when we trust in Him and choose to follow His path rather than our own. As Anne Wilson can attest, it won’t be easy, but it will be rich and beautiful.

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