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young woman applying mascara

Magic Wand

Brighten your beautiful eyes with a swipe of mascara. This magical makeup isn’t one-size fits all – every gorgeous girl has a different desire from her magic wand.

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heart ornament with the word love on it

Realize Your Loving Truth

This Valentine’s Day, allow yourself to see the beauty that the rest of the world always sees. If you need a little nudge, speak the following truths to yourself and spend some time thinking about them until they become palpable.

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Your Valentine’s Day

We all have different expectations for our Valentine’s Day. From fancy dates, hangin’ out with fam., or catching up on some girl-time, the look is totally different. This year let one cute cardigan carry you through the day as you celebrate those you love with these nine different looks.

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mixed tape of love songs

Christian Love Songs: Confidence Booster Love Songs

Regardless of your relationship status, there are love songs that will lift up your spirits and make you feel full of love. Rather than listening to sappy, emotional love songs, check out these nine Christian love songs that will boost your confidence this Valentine’s.

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We view perseverance in scriptures as running and finishing the race. But, perseverance is just as much about pushing through the monotony of life.

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Questions & Feedback

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