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Get Back-to-School Worthy Healthy Skin in 1 Week

We all tend to slack off on our skincare routine during the lazy days of summer. Here’s a daily tip to healthy skin for the week leading up to school to get you back on track before the first period bell rings.

Healthy Skin Day 1: Routine

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Reintroduce a daily skincare regimen back into your routine. Wash your face every morning and night. At the very least, cleanse and moisturize and if your skin needs a little extra love, then add a toner to your healthy skin routine as well.

Healthy Skin Day 2: Exfoliate

Clean off the build-up of dirt, grime and dead skin. You’ve immersed yourself into new ventures and cultures this summer, as well as lots of sun screen. It’s time to exfoliate and get rid of any muck that’s been left behind.

Healthy Skin Day 3: Make-up Free

Give your face a break by going an entire day without any make-up. Your face needs a rest, so let it breathe with ease and freedom for healthy skin.

Healthy Skin Day 4: Mask

Clear out those pores with a deep-cleansing mask. Slap on your favorite mask before you settle into your nighttime routine. Watch your favorite show, journal or read the next chapter in your book while giving yourself a little facial.

Healthy Skin Day 5: Bye Bye Blemish

Now that you’ve spent a few days caring for your skin, it may react. Tackle that pimple with spot treatment. By treating your acne a few days before school, your healthy skin will have the proper amount of time it needs to respond.

Healthy Skin Day 6: Beauty Sleep

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Your skin needs a good night’s sleep too. Give it extra treatment tonight. Opt for a night cream after washing your face before bedtime. Skin heats up overnight and night creams typically have ingredients that are triggered by that heat which create major hydration.

Healthy Skin Day 7: Rise and Shine

It’s game day, so start your day with a fresh wash, moisturize and then add the pretty make-up look you’ve been practicing all week. Accentuate your best and most beautiful features, smile and head off to your first day back at school with beautiful, healthy skin.

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