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Beyond Basic Black Back-to-School Backpack

Forget the sturdy black Jansport backpack this year. Switch to something fun and functional with one of these invigorating back-to-school backpacks… who knows, they might inspire a little more studying!

Computer Back-to-School Backpack

Carry all your supplies in a classic computer bag with a color upgrade for a back-to-school backpack. Computer bags are sleek and fashionable, made for the office, but this sweet purple makes this pack functional and fun.

Computer Bag
Open Story Computer Backpack, $49.99, available at Target.

Sporty Back-to-School Backpack

You head straight to practice after school everyday, and your team is like family. Throw on a sporty backpack to get you too and from school and practice with ease.

Athleisure Backpack
Pleated Athleisure Soft Square Backpack, $35.00, available at Target.

Fashion Bags

Fashion bags are setting a trend this season, so head back-to-school with a super fashionable backpack. Don a sleek leather, suede or nylon number. Add style with a strap design that compliments your character.

Fashion Backpack
Amara Backpack, $79.95, available at Altar’d State.

Sleek Sling Bag

Fashionable slingback bags are essential this year! Find a bag that can transition from school to the mall and your fav. coffee shop with ease. The setback of a cute slingback is that you’ll have to carry your computer, notebooks and textbooks by hand, so find one that will hold all your non-book essentials (wallet, pencils, keys, other school supplies).

Sling Bag
Desert Traveler Sling Bag, $54.95, available at Altar’d State.


If you’re totally into the slingback fashion backpack concept, but still like the look of a standard back-to-school backpack, then look for a bucket style slingback!

Bucket Sling Bag
Tori Sling Bag, $54.95, available at Altar’d State.

Beyond Back-to-School Backpack

Looking for a bag that doesn’t scream school, try a messenger tote. You can carry this bag too and from the beach or pool during the summer, back it full of stuff when you’re running around town during the school year and load it up during the holidays. Just note, it only has one strap to be worn across your shoulder, so it can become heavy and cumbersome if filled to the max.

Tote Bag
Vera Tote Bag, $64.95, available at Altar’d State.

Floral Back-to-School Backpack

You have the capacity to blossom in any circumstance, so let your personality bloom a little more than usual this school year with a floral back-to-school backpack. Select a design that represents your love for God’s world.

Jansport Floral Backpack
Jansport Cool Student Backpack, $54.99, available at Target.

Calming Back-to-School Backpack

The overwhelming stresses of school can becoming overpowering at times. To get a head start on relieving your school-year stress, gravitate toward a soft, calming color such as lavender, mint green or sky blue.

LeSportSac Backpack
LeSport Sac Logan Nylon Backpack, $195.00, available at Nordstrom Rack.

Standard Back-to-School Backpack

Love being able to cram all your supplies into one bag? We get it, they have your back! Don’t venture too far from your favorite back-to-school backpack style, just select a color that compliments your personality.

Herschel Supply Co Backpack
Herschel Supply Co Heritage Backpack in Eden Slub, $39.99, available at Nordstrom Rack.
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