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Sometimes it seems impossible to get your crush to notice you. It seems like the answer is a perfect Instagram selfie, an excellently crafted Facebook message or a scripted TikTok video with a bit of sass and sex appeal. While expressing your creative personality doesn’t hurt, there is much more that could grab his attention.

Be Confident

Three words: confidence, confidence, CONFIDENCE! That cutie from math class won’t notice you unless you let your real, confident self emerge. Confidence comes from knowing who you are, where you stand in the world and where you want to be.

Your self-awareness is growing every day. You know more about your unique and beautiful identity today then you did just a few months ago. It’s important to project your personality and understand how you show your confidence in your everyday life. To be confident is about accepting every part of who God is creating you to be and presenting those qualities in an honest manner. Only you know everything about you, so it can only be you who determines how you interact with the world. Know what you stand for, why you wake up in the morning and recognize how you want to be seen when someone hears or speaks your name. That means being comfortable with all your trips and falls, quirks and slip-ups, along with your successes and triumphs.

Understanding Yourself so you can Be Confident in Who You Are

Do you want boys to know you as the Gossip Queen, or the girl with all the trendiest clothes, how about the one who picks her nose in class when she thinks nobody is watching? Perhaps that is what you want. With enough time and money, anyone can be the gossip with expensive clothes. But, there’s something more profound worth seeking. A girl who shows love and compassion to others exudes beauty beyond compare. What about being someone who always offers a helping hand? Or a girl who finds a way to challenge herself with every experience (bad or good)? These are traits that go beyond the plastic surface. These are traits that everyone can respect and admire. Sure, guys like well-dressed girls who don’t pick their noses, but they fall hard for a girl who’s her own person and can be confident and exudes joy in every facet of her life.

Gaining confidence can be a long process; don’t expect to find it next week under a pile of dirty laundry and books that need to be returned to the library. Find those activities and people that make you feel good about yourself. Make it a goal to learn about yourself and discover the potential you possess. Finding joy in your abilities builds your self-confidence which enables you to understand and accept the woman you’re becoming.

Be Confident in Where You Stand

Once you understand yourself, take a look at where you stand:  think about how other people see you. You might think you’re exhibiting a certain version of yourself that isn’t coming across to other people. Or you act in such a way that people can’t help but take notice. Ask your friends, your family, and if you really want to know, ask your teachers or coaches how they view you and what they think is important in your life. If their view of you matches what you want them to see, then you grasp who God is creating you to be. Now, if who you are and who you want to be complement each other, then congratulations. Go after that cutie and show him the real you and what is REALLY important in your life. If he recognizes the appeal and desirability that you can’t help but show off, then you’ve found yourself a potential match. If he fails to recognize the allure of your confident and strong self, then take a look at where you want to be and keep your heart and eyes focused on those characteristics. Be confident and show the rest of the world the beautiful YOU they can’t resist.

Take some time to allow people to get to know YOU and be confident in doing so. The most attractive qualities about you are available for you to find and show to the world. Tap into your newly acquired confidence and let that determine how people view you. Once you start to recognize and radiate the qualities that make you unique, that cutie in class will be noticing you big time. And even if he doesn’t, you won’t really care. You’ll have plenty of other opportunities with the kind of guy who can’t get enough of a strong, confident, young woman like yourself.

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