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Knowing Her, Knowing Him

When it comes to creating her music, it appears on the outside to be a collaboration with her husband, but after only a few seconds talking to Beckah Shae about her passion, the reality shows: her music is a collaboration with/reliance on God. “My husband, “Shoc”, goes into the studio, and makes amazing, crazy, hot, on fire beats. He’s really pretty set on staying current and staying relevant. Yet at the same time asks God to fill him with new and fresh sounds.” After Shoc’s done compiling the music, Beckah goes into the studio and writes on the mic. “I don’t use song writing sessions and sit down with people. I just sing what fills my heart, and that’s what you hear. My lyrical ideas are always going to be the scripture. I always use God’s word, because there is nothing better than His word. And so my words just simply can not compare to that. I just sit there and sing from my heart. If it sounds good, I keep it, if it doesn’t, I just keep going and keep trying and it’s fun.”

During preparation for her latest album Destiny, Shae did a lot of research on the current trends and movements of the pop music industry and allowed the culture to shape her musical creation. “When I see what the world is doing musically or artistically… it really disturbs me to be competitive.” Traditionally, pop music is light and upbeat which typically attracts the attention of the listener. Through her research, Beckah learned, and now desires to show, that pop music has negative lyrical undertones and dark incentives demonstrated symbolically, “A lot of the pop world is so dark, so much darker than you could even imagine. God has kind of taken the curtain away from the dark side and shown me that the enemy is real, he’s not just halloween witches, he’s even darker and deeper and more terrible then what we think. And we have to come to a realization that this is real, this is reality.” Beckah exclaims that we’re in a spiritual war with the devil. If we believe in good and evil, we’re ignorant if we ignore the impact of the enemy. “We have to be aware of what we’re doing because if we’re not completely searching and seeking the truth to find out what’s really happening, then we’ll just fall for [the deception of the enemy].”

Much of Beckah’s life has been a journey to discover who she really was. The majority of her life was spent as a chameleon, as she became who she needed to be in the moment but never being who Christ created her to be because she was lost and didn’t grasp the true love of God. Now that she has discovered how much God loves her, she can’t hide the love she has for Him and expresses her identity in Christ by saying, “Yay! I was lost, but now I’m found; I was dead, but now I’m alive; I was down, but now I’m free; I was depressed, but now I’m totally filled with joy; I was really ashamed, but now I’m totally confident; I was really fearful, but now I’m super courageous; I was filled with resentment, anger and unforgiveness, now I’m overflowing with his love; I was full of darkness, but now I’m shining with the light of God.

Download three tips from Beckah on discovering your identity in Christ.

While meditating on God’s greatness, Beckah is fearful of how our culture tends to minimize Him and the evil one. When God reveals Himself to Beckah, she becomes, “overwhelmed because God is so much bigger than we ever think, he’s so much greater, so much more glorious than what our minds can even wrap around, so even when we think he’s awesome, he’s gotten even more awesome. And, basically, we’re designed to bring glory to God and I want to see Him praised. God’s given us greater wisdom, greater power, greater favor than the world, and so He who’s in us is greater than he who is in the world. I believe we can take on anything that the world thinks is good and we make it even better.”

To create music that is richer than what the world offers, Shae makes her songs, “With the help of the holy spirit, with purpose and complete intention and desire to please God.” It’s important for people to know how music is created because, “a huge percentage of the time, people who write these songs have intention and motives and they have a purpose and a desire with what they’re writing. I think sometimes people miss that.So it’s important to know and to acknowledge what these secular songs are saying too. They’re coming from someone’s heart.” With a music industry saturated with cynicism and gloom, Shae creates music with the intention of turning hearts back to God. “Basically, the whole album of Destiny is [meant] to stir up questions in people because they listen to anything, do anything, watch anything, eat anything, wear anything and go anywhere. It’s time that we start to encourage the next generation, to stop being ignorant and start speaking out and searching what you’re doing, because the enemy is out to kill you, to destroy you.”


If the shortcomings of the world had to be summed up in one word, Shae would say it’s laziness, “The world is completely deceiving and making everyone lazy, so they don’t have to seek and search [for the truth themselves].” Beckah believes we need to stir things up to encourage people to ask questions, because, “questions are what we need in order to find the truth. The thing I found was, when you start asking questions, if you take a little time to search for the answer, the answer was never that hard to find. It is just a matter of laziness that people are just doing what everybody else is doing and they’re taking what they get, and if we don’t stand for something we’ll fall for anything.” Beckah encourages and inspires Christians to stand for the truth and for God’s kingdom. “Who is going to be the one that God will be able to trust, who’s the one that’s going to be willing to stand for the truth? Well, you can’t stand for the truth unless you know it, so we’ve got to become a people who’s seeking, and searching and finding out what’s right and what’s wrong.”

So, as a young generation, Beckah desires for us to stand for purity, “What I would just love to shout right now to a generation is the word “purity,” because the enemy hates that word so bad, and I love it! The opposite of purity is perversion, so everything that the enemy does is basically an attempt to pervert what God has intended to be pure.” God is,“most honored through our lives, our purity, our obedience, our sacrifice, our love for one another. No matter how successful someone may seem to the eye, the truth of a person’s success is determined by God’s eyes only.”





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