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Knowing God’s Plan for Your Life

I was having coffee one morning with one of my interns and we were discussing school, career opportunities and possible majors. She was excited about the future, but overwhelmed by all the possibilities. As students look toward their future, it’s hard to know what’s in store. It’s natural to want to pursue the path God desires, while being fearful that they’ll misstep somewhere along the way. When making significant decisions about your future, it’s important to analyze whether you’re pursuing the path God has set before you.

How do you know you’re on God’s path?

God has instilled desires, gifts and talents in your heart from the time he crafted you in your mother’s womb. Ask yourself what you delight in, what brings you joy and what areas are other people able to see the Lord working in and through you. These will be the areas that God has set purpose in for your future. The things that you found pleasure in as a girl and the things that bring you joy now are all connected to what God has called you toward.

How can you ensure you aren’t following your own ambitions?

It’s not evil to have personal ambition, but if it pulls you away from the Lord, then it doesn’t benefit you in any way. If your intentions for choosing a major, a college or a career path are for personal gain, then you’re following the wrong lead. God’s intentions for your life will benefit you and the entire kingdom of heaven, so if you’re seeking fame, fortune or something of the like, then step back and check that your motives are pure.

How can you determine if Satan is manipulating you into something God doesn’t want you to pursue?

If what you’re thinking or pursuing brings death to you, your hearts desires or even some of your relationships, then it’s coming from Satan. Your future looks dark and dreary rather than joyful and invigorating if Satan is driving your future pursuit. Now, Satan can be manipulative by making things look glamorous, but behind the frills is destruction and heartache. So, to ensure that you’re not following the road of the evil one, ask God to reveal how He plans to use your future endeavors and if He doesn’t bring obvious excitement into your heart, then ask Him what will bring joy.

If you do go astray, don’t fret, God can correct you or at the very least, make goodness out of your wrong turn. When anxiety creeps up, focus on what Paul says, “When I am weak, God is strong.” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10) So, when you’re troubled by a decision or anxious about a circumstance, rely on the Lord and let Him carry you through your insecurity. Your strength to come out on the other side will come from Him and Him alone!

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