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Rock around the Christmas tree in this year’s festive boot trends. With these nine trends that stretch from fancy to fun, you’ll find the perfect look that fits your personality. Tromp around your winter wonderland with your favorite pair!

White Winter Wonderland

We’ve brought it up before, but Winter White boots are here to stay. With diverse shapes and styles, you can’t go wrong, here’s a few of our favorite: Franco Sarto Dorica Knee High Boot in Cream, $249.00, available at Nordstrom (we love the super wide calf); Dr. Martens Jadon Boot in White, $200, available at Nordstrom; West Booties in White, $69.95, available at Altar’d State; Silent D Amire Chelsea Boot in White, $170.00, available at Nordstrom (half black/half white is so stylish for those who are on-the-fence) ; City Bootie by Matisse, $199.95, available at Altar’d State.

Cocoa and Clogs

Slide on a pair of clogs this season for a casual look. We love the classic look of the Camper Kaah Clog in Medium Brown, $170.00, available at Nordstrom; and the flowers of Free People Calabasas Clog in Black Floral Leather, $128.00, available at Nordstrom is so beautiful this time of year. You can’t pass up the fuzzy lining of a standard pair of Crocs Classic Lined Clogs from Finish Line, $60.00, available at Macy’s, and the buckle of both the Free People Kingston Clog in Natural Leather, $148.00, available at Nordstrom and the Madden Girl clog from Macy’s elevate these clogs in style and class.

Knee High in Snow

Keep yourself warm and cozy with knee-high boots. Find a comfortable boot that fits and rock it out this winter. If you dig slouchy styles, then add Zoraya Boot in Black, $119.95, available at Altar’d State to your wardrobe. If snake skin is your style, then check out Schutz Analeah Pointed Toe Knee High Boot in Natural Snake Print, $238.00, available at Nordstrom. Here’s two classics that we simply can’t resist: Steve Madden Handles Knee High Boot in Olive Leather, $189.95, available at Nordstrom and Vince Camuto Eckina Knee High Boot in Black, $230.00, available at Nordstrom. Love the playfulness of H&M’s Innovation Co-Exist Story Natural Rubber Boot made from recycled polyester, $49.00, available at H&M.

Sole Searching

This season’s most striking trend are stylized heals. Find some flare like a triangle or square shape to add creativity to your daily look. The heal on these two white boots is spectacular: Valeria Booties in White, $69.95, available at Altar’d State and Sam Edelman Lani SQuare Toe Chelsea Boot in Modern Ivory, $160.00, available at Nordstrom. Take a classic boot and add an interesting heal: Louise et Cie Jacori Pointed Toe Boot in Bourbon, $238.95, available at Nordstrom. The green color may not be for everyone, but this boot is wild and beautiful: Schutz Asya Up Wedge Knee-High Boot Gianni Green, $218.00, available at Nordstrom (it does come in black too). Need a wider heal, we’ve got you covered with Vagabond Shoemakers Edwina Knee High Boot, $240.00, available at Nordstrom (here’s the Chelsea version).

Platform Presents

Reach new heights this season with powerful platforms. For a modern take on a standard platform, try Yazy Boots, $69.95, available at Altar’d State. For a no-frills class, we suggest Get a Clue Bootie in Black, $69.95, available at Altar’d State. A classic loafer, which you simply can’t go wrong: Jeffrey Campbell Obsolete Platform Loafer in Brown Leather, $219.95, available at Nordstrom. For a worker boot look, elevate your style with Swani Boots, $89.95, available at Altar’d State. Check out Jeffrey Campbell Dauphin Over the Knee Boot in Violet, $214.97, available at Nordstrom for an over-the-top look.

Country Christmas

Settle into cozy cowboy boots the winter. Add a little rough and tuff leather to your wardrobe with stylized studs in Ace Booties, $69.95, available at Altar’d State. The weaving and buckle of these cutie Reese Booties, $69.95, available at Altar’d State are so perfect for the holidays. Wear these winter white beauties to a holiday fare: Jesika Boots, $69.95, available at Altar’d State. Graye Booties, $69.95, available at Altar’d State are a classic that you simply can’t turn down. If you’re into elaborate embellishments, then you’ll love Zsa Zsa Booties in Black/Silver, $109.95, available at Altar’d State.

All About the Ankle

When a knee-high boot isn’t necessary, grab a pair of ankle-high booties for the perfect accent to your outfit. A delicate wedge (like these Brandy Boots, $149.95, available at Altar’d State) is a great way elongate legs. For a little height, wear this classic Veronica Booties, $79.95, available at Altar’d State. Pair these nude booties with a skirt or dress: Style & Co Masrinaa Ankle Booties in Taupe, $79.50, available at Macy’s and Everly Booties in Dark Sand, $69.95, available at Altar’d State. For a girly adventure, Cammy Booties, $69.95, available at Altar’d State are a great wardrobe addition.

Mugs and Lugs

Lugs are a timeless style, perfect for this time of year. So, style your hardworking boots to fit your personality. For a wild and adventurous spirit, add a little animal print such as Edele Booties, $79.95, available at Altar’d State. For a standard lug look to go with your strong and bold character, check out Schutz Kendy Lug Sole in Egg Shell, $168.00, available at Nordstrom. Wear tough boots with a little pink for a girly personality, Paula Boots, $79.95, available at Altar’d State. For the more tender hearted, wear some faux fur detailing such as Carami Boots, available at Altar’d State. For the trendy influencer, stick with a winter white – they’re this season’s go-to, Cyrella Boots, $69.95, available at Altar’d state.

Keeping the Peace

Combat boots, Lugs close cousin, are a sturdy choice this winter season. Take a look at the decorated Dolce Vita Huey Studded Bootie, $149.95, available at Nordstrom. Catie Boots, $79.95, available at Altar’d State adds a little sweater detail for the cold weather. Dr. Martin’s are a classic go-to when it comes to this standard style: Dr. Martens Tarik Wyoming (technically a men’s boot), $115.00, available at Nordstrom; Dr. Martens 1B60 Bex Pisa, $220.00, available at Nordstrom; Dr. Martens 1460 Bex Patent in White, $150.00, available at Nordstrom.

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