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The makeup industry continues to evolve as new technology and trends are designed everyday. If you don’t already use it, you need to add an eyeshadow stick into your makeup routine. It’s super versatile and easy to use. Create a plethora of looks from a simple eyeliner to a dazzling shaded shadow. Eyeshadow sticks come in both matte and glitter with a variety of colors so you can find the perfect style and shade for your personality. 

Top 9 Eyeshadow Stick

Some cosmetic brands aren’t just concerned about being innovative in the colors and products they provide customers, they’re also cutting edge when it comes to sustainability. It’s essential that you care for your skin, especially your beautiful eyes, so take a look at these eyeshadow sticks that have your HEALTH AND BEAUTY in mind.

  1. Belle Beauty Shero Shadow Stick, $23. 
  2. Thrive Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick, $26.
  3. Milani Gilded Eyeshadow Sticks, $10.99.
  4. Elf No Budge Shadow Stick, $5.
  5. Ulta Beauty Cream Eyeshadow & Liner, $10.
  6. Profusion Eye Sparkler Shadow Stick, $4.
  7. Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color, $27.
  8. Sephora Waterproof Eyeshadow & Eyeliner, $14.
  9. NYX Professional Jumbo Eye Pencil, $6.

Each of these eyeshadow sticks has a creamy application, they’re easy to blend, layer beautifully and create clean outlines for gorgeous looks. Bonus, if you have the right color, you can even use your eyeshadow pencil as a highlighter above your brow, along the bridge of your nose, on your cheek bone and cupid’s bow. 

Challenge: How to Wear Your Eyeshadow Stick

The variety of looks you can create with an eyeshadow stick is endless, so try something new everyday! Naturally you can use your stick as a liner or shadow, but here’s three outrageous looks that you may want to play around with this season. 

  1. Create a fun outline on your eye. Line the bottom of your lid, then line your crease and connect with an elaborate point or feather on the outside edge of your eye.
  2. Highlight the inside of your eye. Blend a matte color from your lid to your crease, then line the inside corner of your eye with a shimmery color.
  3. Blend three colors to create a beautiful ombre effect. Color your lid with one pigment, then draw a line along your crease with a second color. Shade just above your crease with a third color, then blend all three colors.

We want to see how you use your eyeshadow stick. Reach out to use via social so we can view  your radiant beauty! 

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