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Cade Thompson
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Bigger Story

“This album was written out of my life experiences which led to this one question: How would I explain the Gospel to someone who might not have ever heard of Jesus?” says Cade Thompson. “Each song on this album has a truth that reminds us we are all a part of a bigger story, one that is bigger than ourselves. My hope for this album is that it inspires each listener to truly walk in a relationship with Jesus and join the story.”

It isn’t just Cade Thompson’s age that makes him totally relatable to teenagers, it’s his ability to speak the truth of your life through music. With songs like his hit single, “Dear Future Wife” and his new release, “New Normal,” Cade pushes the truth and reality of your generation deep into your heart. He doesn’t just gloss over the hard things and tell you everything is going to be okay. Cade Thompson walks with you on the journey – he’s on that journey himself. At just 20 years old, Cade offers you insight into your life by exposing you to the fear and ambition of his. 

Cade knows that your world has turned upside down in the last few years. Depression, anxiety, fear and insecurity are growing more intense every day. Questioning if returning to school will be safe, not only because of the once again growing pandemic, but also because of the real possibility of school shootings and in-person bullying brought off of social media screens. Cade Thompson speaks into this reality and pain.  

Cade has such a strong intention with his music, “I want to reach the broken, the hurting, and the lost in my music,” says Cade. “I try to push the boundaries of my lyrical content in my music. We all are in need of a Savior and my hope is to point the listener to Jesus in my music.”

Cade Thompson’s Personal Story

Cade was drawn to music as a child, but found his voice in middle school. As a member of his youth group’s worship team, Cade Thompson had a mentor who grounded him in his music aspirations. In order for Cade’s worship experience to be authentic, he had to have a deep and profound relationship with the Lord off the stage and beyond the worship setting. This set Cade on a trajectory to intentionally know the Lord. As a result, Cade felt incredible assurance that God was calling him to music ministry. 

“I always knew there was something so special about the impact of Christian music,” says Cade Thompson. Shortly after high-school, Cade moved to Nashville to pursue his calling. It didn’t take long for him to start dropping thoughtful singles. “Listeners can expect to hear a very fresh sound sonically from me, mixed with truths that declare the promises of God into someone’s life.”

Cade’s sound is energetic and soulful with pop influence. His words are deep and meaningful with his faith as the guiding force behind his lyrics. “My faith is everything in my daily life and my music. Without JESUS I don’t know where I would be,” Cade Thompson explains. “I would be searching for love and truth in all the wrong places without him in my life. My music really is just an overflow of my story, life, and walk with God.”

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