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Reflect the beauty you have inside by looking your best on the outside. Follow current fashion trends while learning how to dress in a way that compliments your personality, style and body type.
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Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised."

- Proverbs 31: 30


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Melinda Laging

Go Green

Not only is sustainable fashion a hot trend (and topic) this spring, so is the color. Ranging from olive green to deep emerald green, this color has a mark on spring.

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Pastel Spring Fashion
niNe. contributor

Pastel Palettes

Femininity and a pastel palette is taking over spring. We’re excited to see some of our favorite spring hues back in a new way. Traditionally darker pieces, such as denim, are seeing a refresh with pastel tones and patterns. Lookout for pale pinks, blue, purple and mint that lend well for monochromatic outfits or styled with an anchor white or neutral piece.

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More Articles on Beauty through Style & Fashion

Jewel Tones for Prom

You are a beloved daughter, created by a glorious and mighty God. Your beauty will radiate at Prom in rich, luxurious jewel tone colors and textures of soft velvet, sparkling sequins and delicate lace.

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Distressed Denim

Denim skirts are coming back big-time this Spring, so start your hunt for the perfect fitting skirt that compliments your character. Denim skirts come in many shapes and sizes, so here are some hints to finding the best style for your body.

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Sleeping Sweetheart Styles

s, which means it’s time to spend the evening with your girlfriends in some sweetheart styles! Valentines is the perfect time of year to have an outrageously fun sleepover.

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Love Letter

Valentine’s Day is upon us and whether you enjoy the holiday or not, the fashion world delights in it! Between hearts, flowers, pink and red – the seasons clothing is saturated in heart throbbing designs and inspiration. Let your attire speak the language of love with these hot trends:

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Retro Resolution

A-line dresses, graphic prints and rust tones with a 60s and 70s vibe are swinging back on the fashion scene. Can you dig it? We can dig it, so resolve to add one of these Retro fashion trends into your wardrobe this season.

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New Year New You with a New Look

New Years is a time that people reflect on the past and dream about the future. The beginning of a new season can be the perfect time to analyze your perspective on your look. Here’s to a New Year new you!

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Tropical Tribe

Though it’s cold outside, you may be wishing for summer with tropical trends. Heat up your winter look with these steamy styles:

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Boots Worth Bragging About This Winter

Rock around the Christmas tree in this year’s festive boot trends. With these nine trends that stretch from fancy to fun, you’ll find the perfect look that fits your personality. Tromp around your winter wonderland with your favorite pair!

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New Years Eve Outfits

It’s time to ring in the New Year, with a little sparkle and shine, of course!  Here’s a few outfit suggestions based on how you plan to welcome in the New Year. 

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1 Party Outfit

The holidays are full of celebrations, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Create four different holiday looks using the two staples (which are probably already in your closet).

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Leggings Aren’t Pant

Leggings are the perfect accessory any time of year. Key point – they’re an accessory, not pants. There are so many ways to wear a pair of fabulous leggings, so grace them with one of these styling cues.

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