Blue is the color of grief and sorrow.


We become stronger when we overcome difficult problems, which influence our daily lives. You can learn to face difficult issues of being a young woman with wisdom, knowledge and a sense of community.
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You who fear him, trust in the LORD -- he is their help and shield."

- Psalms 115:11


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Louise Wo

Kari’s Story

All of us women are about 5’1”, but my build is much more athletic than my stick-thin siblings’ and mom’s. Around the holiday season of my very busy junior year (with honors classes, running track, two church choirs and the school musical), I got really sick from exhaustion and ended up losing about five pounds. I received lots of great compliments and started to think eating less might be a good idea.

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Melinda Laging

Religious Liberties in Public Schools

Policies and procedures of public school academics seem to completely contradict Christian beliefs, yet the U.S. Department of Education has clear guidelines protecting your First Amendment religious liberties in the public schools. What is a Christian allowed to do?

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More Articles to Help Navigate Hurdles
& Mundane Responsibilities

Time to Use Your Faith

Will life ever get any easier? The reality of this painful question is that it may not. Life is hard, but it can be beautiful. As we experience life’s hardship and trauma, it’s time to cling to God. A time of crisis is not the time to lose our faith, it is a time to USE it.

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Melancholy Monday

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and pink is coming back full-swing. Some girls don’t love the flowers, the chocolates, the teddy bears and fancy dinners. Here’s 9 ways to survive Valentine’s Day, when you’re just not that into it:

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Healthy Mental Health

Moving through the turbulent transition from childhood to adulthood can be torture. The pressures and problems experienced can quickly and easily become overwhelming. For many, these physical, emotional, homonal, sexual, social and intellectual changes can lead to mental health disorders. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 13% of US children (ages 8 to 15) are diagnosed with a mental disorder each year. 

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Prevent Childhood Hunger

While most Americans will worry about eating too much this holiday season, 16 million of our country’s children live in households that struggle to afford food. Here are four suggestions you can do to help prevent childhood hunger:

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A Teen’s Perspective on Divorce

I’m Jamie, thirteen year old daughter of Judy and Rich Parker. Peter’s my younger brother. I don’t know what happened that night after Mom stormed out, but something definitely changed. Months later, the difference was obvious.

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Dealing with Extended Family

It’s Christmas Eve and your Aunt, Uncle and cousins just rolled into your driveway for a short visit. Your grandparents have been staying at your house all week. Every year your parents insist on celebrating Christmas with their family, but it’s such a miserable experience. 

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Self Medicating Entertainment

American’s have a ritual of seeking entertainment as a form of escape. But, what are we escaping from? There is a reality that we don’t want to face, but the sooner we stop running, the more peace we will gain.

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Depression No More

Social Media comparison has a negative effect on one’s emotional well-being. The problem is constantly discussed in mainstream media, but Social Media can’t be avoided, so what do you do?

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