Blue is the color of grief and sorrow.


We become stronger when we overcome difficult problems, which influence our daily lives. You can learn to face difficult issues of being a young woman with wisdom, knowledge and a sense of community.
You who fear him, trust in the LORD -- he is their help and shield."

- Psalms 115:11


Courtney Craven

Dodging Bullets

Sometimes a missed opportunity is really God guiding us to something better, or simply protecting us from what could happen.

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Male and Female

It’s a gift to be male or female. There’s an incredibly powerful balance that occurs when male and female accept their birth gender.

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Alcoholic Student

“Yes!” it is possible to become a teenage alcoholic. Alcoholism, or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), is when someone can’t manage how much or how frequently they drink alcohol. As a result, alcohol has a negative effect on their life.

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We Are Living in a Material World

Shoes, clothes, jewelry, cars, phones materialism. The idea that you need tons of stuff is crammed into every direction! Our culture is obsessed with obtaining as much stuff as possible, and it’s easy to forget that having everything you desire is NOT normal.

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Control Gratification

The definition of abstinence is mastering self-control, self-discipline and delayed gratification. Abstinence doesn’t just refer to sex, it can become a part of your general life.

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Self Medicating Entertainment

American’s have a ritual of seeking entertainment as a form of escape. But, what are we escaping from? There is a reality that we don’t want to face, but the sooner we stop running, the more peace we will gain.

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Depression No More

Social Media comparison has a negative effect on one’s emotional well-being. The problem is constantly discussed in mainstream media, but Social Media can’t be avoided, so what do you do?

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