Blue is the color of grief and sorrow.


We become stronger when we overcome difficult problems, which influence our daily lives. You can learn to face difficult issues of being a young woman with wisdom, knowledge and a sense of community.
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You who fear him, trust in the LORD -- he is their help and shield."

- Psalms 115:11


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Melinda Laging

Off You Go

As you head off to college, set up a plan to connect with your family and communicate with them regularly. 

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Melinda Laging

9 Post High School Alternatives to College

As you wrap up your high school career, you may not be feeling like college is the right thing for you. Many students feel this way, but experience pressure to go to college anyway. There are a plethora of reasons heading to college after graduation may not be the right choice for you.

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More Articles to Help Navigate Hurdles
& Mundane Responsibilities

Self Medicating Entertainment

American’s have a ritual of seeking entertainment as a form of escape. But, what are we escaping from? There is a reality that we don’t want to face, but the sooner we stop running, the more peace we will gain.

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Depression No More

Social Media comparison has a negative effect on one’s emotional well-being. The problem is constantly discussed in mainstream media, but Social Media can’t be avoided, so what do you do?

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