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Understand God’s intention for romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships and our eternal connection with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the form of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." 

- Proverbs 27:17


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Are You Enough for the Guy in Your Life?

We dance around who we really are. We trade our self-worth to be noticed and hand over our personality, just to find a fleeting moment of recognition. This is especially true when it comes to relationships with guys.

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He Likes You, But You Don’t Like Him Back

While hanging out at your best friend’s house, she receives a text from her neighbor down the street asking if you’re going to be at her pool party over the weekend. He’s had a crush on you for months but hasn’t had the guts to ask you out. He’s a nice guy, but you don’t really like him.

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Favorable Friend

You’ve had a hard week and you can’t wait to share with someone close to you all about the ups and downs you experienced. You just want to talk to your mom. After all, she is your closest friend and she knows you more than anyone else.

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Physical Attraction

We asked several guys what makes a girl look beautiful. Not a single guy answered, “showing more skin” or “wearing a lot of makeup.” Surprised? We’re not! We know that your true beauty is what physical attraction is all about:

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The Friend Trend

The climb up the mountain wasn’t any more difficult than we imagined, but the altitude sickness was horrific. The summer before my daughter’s senior year of high school, she decided to join a school group on a wilderness adventure trip. Always one for a good time, I agreed to go along as a chaperone–after all how hard could it be?

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9 Deep Date Questions

Here’s nine fun and thought provoking questions that you can sink your teeth into during your next date night out. You don’t have to go through each question in one night, really take one in at a time and let it start a long and profound conversation between you two. You may discover something new about yourself, your boyfriend or your relationship! 

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Sometimes we feel more at home around other people besides our own family. This isn’t because our family is lousy, it’s because we let down our guard and our family knows us better than anyone else. Here are some ideas on how to better connect with your family.

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The Dating Game

In the simplest of terms, a relationship is a connection between two people. It’s a bond of equal respect and honor. It’s hard to create this kind of bond unless we take relationships seriously and treat one another with dignity. Establishing a relationship comes easier through dating.

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