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Understand God’s intention for romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships and our eternal connection with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the form of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." 

- Proverbs 27:17


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Alicia Hayes

Meaningful Mentors

Mentors are friends who give you advice from a more seasoned point of view. Mentors are a blessing to have in your life. However, like any relationship, there needs to be healthy communication to run smoothly. Here are a few ways to ensure healthy communication with your mentor:

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Melinda Laging

Selfish Relationships

The majority of people in our society are concerned mainly with themselves. Our society is so busy, we hardly have any time to think about anything beyond ourselves. Our phones dictate our life rather than the people we love.

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Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship: Parents upset at teen daughter
Jordan Naber

Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship with Your Parents

The trust between you and your parents is sacred. Being honest with them is an unspoken oath you vow to them as you grow from childhood to adulthood. But you make mistakes and may tell them white lies here and there. You may not realize, however, that each lie diminishes the level of trust until it’s non-existent.

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Encouragement for Everyone

Although criticizing people has become a social norm, it’s not what we were created to do. In fact, we’re meant to encourage those around us. Whether you have a friend who needs cheering up, or you simply want to make her feel special for no reason, here are some practical ways you can be encouraging:

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Real Guys vs. Ryan Gosling

What girl wouldn’t want Ryan Gosling as a boyfriend? If life with him were anything like his romantic comedies, we’d probably combust with happiness. We want our boyfriend to cherish us, but sometimes we forget to do the same for him.

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Physical Attraction

We asked several guys what makes a girl look beautiful. Not a single guy answered, “showing more skin” or “wearing a lot of makeup.” Surprised? We’re not! We know that your true beauty is what physical attraction is all about:

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Sometimes we feel more at home around other people besides our own family. This isn’t because our family is lousy, it’s because we let down our guard and our family knows us better than anyone else. Here are some ideas on how to better connect with your family.

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The Dating Game

In the simplest of terms, a relationship is a connection between two people. It’s a bond of equal respect and honor. It’s hard to create this kind of bond unless we take relationships seriously and treat one another with dignity. Establishing a relationship comes easier through dating.

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