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Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

- 2 Corinthians 3:17


Christmas gift ideas for teenagers
Melinda Laging

Gift Giving For All

This Christmas season don’t just give to your family and close friends, God has placed a myriad of people in your life who support you, so show them your gratitude with some of these great gift ideas ranging from the simple and cheap to the deserving splurge.

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Do It Yourself: Friendship Box

Now that the Christmas season has begun, it’s time to focus on your beloved friends by showing them how much you love and appreciate their care and support. Instead of giving her a broken heart BFF necklace, create a useful memento that will last the test of time. This personalized box gives your best bud a perfect place to store keepsakes of your friendship.

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Thanksgiving is such a unique Holiday to America, but the concept of gratitude is relevant to Christians everywhere. Giving thanks is more than just a good habit and good manners, it’s vital to a healthy relationship with God. If you don’t habitually give thanks to God and those around you, it’s very easy to become discontent.

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Beauty Sleep for the Sleepy Beauty

Sleeping is hardly an exciting pastime, let alone something you have eight hours a night for! It’s easy to sacrifice sleep for seemingly more important things like studying, hanging out or working, but it’s really more crucial than you may think.

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Coping with Failure

Everyone fails, it’s a natural part of life, yet we have a fear of failure. If we ignore it, we deny ourselves the opportunity to grow and learn from our mistakes.

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The Life of an Influencer

Pretty much everything you do has an impact on someone or something. That means you are an influence. You can choose to be a good influence or a bad influence, but more importantly, you can approach life as being a Godly or ungodly influence.

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