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Spirit is the foundation for what it means to be a girl. Embrace the unique and beautiful girl God created you to be.
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Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

- 2 Corinthians 3:17


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Melinda Laging

DIY – Tank Top Embellishment

Summer is here and the weather’s hot. All you have in your closet are basic tanks that seemed perfect for the classroom, but now look rather drab. Here’s four cute, cheap and easy ways to dress up your standard tanks with fun and vibrant embellishments.

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Melinda Laging

Opposing Fashions Can Compliment Your Personality

The ’90’s prep fashion of the Y2K generation is calling attention this spring, but on the other side of the spectrum is the luxury of Bridgerton-inspired fashion. Perhaps, you find yourself in the same situation as so many other girls – you love them both! 

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because sometimes no one else understands. 

Healing Spring

Spring has arrived! Your winter jacket hasn’t been picked up as often. Scarves are fashion accessories, not necessities. Floral prints are emerging in stores. Iced coffee and Frappacinos are being ordered again. You have to wear sunglasses while driving your car. Snow is melting – leaving puddles everywhere. Spring is finally, finally here!

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You are a beloved daughter of God. He loves you entirely – even when you struggle to love yourself. He created you as a beautiful young woman, His daughter, His bride. Don’t hide or change who you are to find love.

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Gift Giving For All

This Christmas season don’t just give to your family and close friends, God has placed a myriad of people in your life who support you, so show them your gratitude with some of these great gift ideas ranging from the simple and cheap to the deserving splurge.

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Coping with Failure

Everyone fails, it’s a natural part of life, yet we have a fear of failure. If we ignore it, we deny ourselves the opportunity to grow and learn from our mistakes.

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The Life of an Influencer

Pretty much everything you do has an impact on someone or something. That means you are an influence. You can choose to be a good influence or a bad influence, but more importantly, you can approach life as being a Godly or ungodly influence.

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