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Esteem comes from a strong character, a sense of identity and honoring the princess in us all. Discover your personal identity in Christ while building self-worth and character.
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"We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us." 

- Romans 5:3-5- Developer


Melinda Laging


This time of year is full of thoughts of thankfulness, which is great. But, we often go through the motions with our various #thankful statements. True thankfulness is something we learn and overwhelms our hearts.

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Making Excuses: Stop Doing It

You scheduled your Friday night to remain empty because you need to relax and spend time by yourself after a hectic week. Of course, as soon as you get home and drop to the couch, your friend texts to ask what you’re up to. If you say “nothing,” then she’s likely to ask you to do something, even if “nothing” is all you want to do. So, you feel like you have to make up an excuse as to why you aren’t available that evening.

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12 Tips for Online Learning

The threat of virtual learning in high school is gone, but you’re heading off to college and find that the majority of your classes are online. You struggled with online learning during Covid, and you didn’t enroll in university classes to learn from your dorm room, so here are several tips to help you establish a solid foundation for online learning in college.

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Life is Funny

One of the best things about friends is they make you laugh. Laughter helps you build friendships, relationships and keep you healthy.

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Motivation 101

Back to School and Geared up for More Whether you’re out of school for a day, a week or the entire summer, getting back on board with classes, notebooks and hall passes can be tough. Get back in the groove of school, so your friends will marvel at your composure and your teachers will think

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I Understand That

Your ability to effectively learn from a teacher is often based on whether your learning style compliments the teaching style of the teacher. There are three learning styles, each based on one of our senses: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. It’s very helpful to learn how you retain information in your teen years so you can make adjustments to your classroom situations.

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Stimulating Study Supplies

Spruce up your mundane study space, locker and backpack with these inspirational school supplies and let them help you find the motivation to learn, grow and become the woman God desires for you to become.

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Ending Summer

Can you believe summer is nearly over? It feels like the beach opened yesterday. You may be thinking about all the last-minute summer activities you can cram into your life before school starts. Don’t stress yourself out; here are some tips for happily ending the summer:

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The Book of You

If life is like a book, then summer is like that blank page authors use to separate chapters. It gives you a break from reading and lets you know something different is about to happen. It’s what you look forward to when the chapter has been long and it’s your reward for finishing the hard work. The humorous part about summer is as soon as you get used to that blank page, another chapter begins.

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Summer Closet Clean Out

Are your clothes overwhelming your closet? You want to get rid of some, but you find it hard to part with clothes that have sentimental value, are really comfortable or you haven’t even worn. This is the guide for you!

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Coming of Age

The transition from little girl into mature woman is one of the greatest journeys of adolescence.
For many cultures, becoming an adult is an incredibly significant moment in a young girl’s life. It marks a girl’s transformation into a woman, and introduces her as a fully responsible member of society. Here are a few examples of modern coming of age ceremonies.

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This was the first time I realized that the way Americans express their love of country is very different from other areas of the world. We take patriotism for granted and often don’t think of how to best express it critically. We should be proud of our country and here are three ways to express honor well:

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