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You’re ready for some serious hang out time with your friends this summer. But in making plans, you realize how the expense of it all adds up quick. Food costs money, transportation costs money, beverages cost money, clothes cost money. Believe it or not, there are some fun, cheap things that you can do with your friends. Here’s nine suggestions, each banking under $20.

Get Playful

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to forget the old games you use to play. Adding a little twist on kid games is a cheap and fun thing to do with friends. Have one friend think of something unique to your town, and then play a giant game of Hot & Cold to find it. Play Hide & Seek where the seeker texts those that are hiding and follow the sound of their phone (no cheating by turning your phone off or on vibrate). Freeze Tag can be played with nerf guns, Duck-Duck-Goose can happen while literally sitting around the house and you can have a Scavenger Hunt of funny video clips or inspiring music lyrics on YouTube.

Don’t Shop til You Drop

bag-blazers-clothing-932401 copyShopping for clothes can get pretty frustrating once you look at the price tag. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid the mall altogether. Instead of going shopping and emptying your wallet, head to the mall and look for the most ridiculous clothing you can find from one store. Throw it all together into one, big, nonsensical outfit! Capture the look with hilarious Glamour Shots poses to post on Instagram. Then, be sure to clean up the dressing room before you rush off to the next store.

Broadcast Yourself

adult-blur-business-167832 copyInstead of sitting at a computer watching YouTube videos for hours on end, make some yourself! Planning out a video is a lot more fun than just watching one. Make a mock-music video, write a skit about what it’s like to go to your school, produce your own RomCom or game show, create a cute puppy video (with your dog, stuffed animals or your friend dressed up in a costume). Produce whatever your heart and creative minds desire!

Crack Open Those Books

bookcase-books-bookshelves-256541 copyIt may sound a little dorky to go to the library for fun, but there are many obscure ways to have fun at the library. Play mad libs using random books around you. Check out a movie or some new music to enjoy at home. Go to the kid’s sections to find long-lost fictional friends, find articles from your birthday 40 years ago using a news database or share your favorite passages from your favorite books. Ask a librarian about a subject in which you’re interested and gain more insight as you explore.

School Spirit

Showing your school spirit is great, but the same locations and teams can get old after a while. Go to your local community college or University and watch one of their sports games. You can get a look at some potential colleges and have a good time with friends at the same time.

Mammoth Museums

adult-art-back-view-220694 copyWhether art or history, there are museums everywhere. Many museums have a suggested donation, but the key word here is suggested. There’s a good chance you can go to a local museum for a very cheap cost (as little as $1). If a museum does have a set price, look at their website because they may have a free or discount night. Aquariums and Zoos may also have free or discounted times as well.

Raid Your Closet

If you’re comfortable sharing your clothes, have your friends help you raid your closet. Try on that dress that you haven’t worn for two years. Ask your friends to assess the style. Perhaps you’ve outgrown some clothes, but it’s possible that some can be resurrected with the help of accessories or time on a sewing machine. Having the encouragement of your friends will ensure you’re staying fresh and fashionable.

Be Creative

art-artistic-arts-and-crafts-395074 copyGenerate a creative challenge. Collect a bunch of random craft supplies and create a silly masterpiece. Gather your favorite nail polish colors and paint some fun nail designs. Look at Pinterest for inspiration but try to originate a design of your own! Select five obscure ingredients from your kitchen to make dinner. You may need to go grocery shopping for the remaining ingredients but see if you can create substitutes for the items that you don’t already have. Take a bunch of magazines and create collages that represent your dreams. Write a worship song. Use your makeup to create a new look. The possibilities are endless.

Science Experiments

background-beautiful-beauty-951233 copyFor some, Science is a frustrating subject, but if you look at it differently, it can be a lot of fun. There are some ridiculous science experiments online. Once you receive your parent’s permission, try some of them out. Did you know that you can make a pickle glow? Observe the moon or stars one night or try to make a bridge out of popsicle sticks that will hold a bag of flour.

It takes a little creativity and extra effort for some of these cheap things to do, but each one has the potential of making great memories. It’s easy to go about the same old thing day in and day out, so try one of these fun activities to see how much it impacts your day, your summer and your friendships.

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