Chill Out this Summer with These Quick Tips

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Girl walking in sweltering heat


When the temperature rises and you’re desperate for a break from the heat, trick yourself into feeling a frosty chill. Cool down and chill out.

Climb a Mountain

Watch a video about the cold. It’s that simple. Search Youtube for videos about Mt. Everest, Antarctica or any cold landscape. Then watch people freezing in the climate. All it takes to make your body temperature drop is to look at someone else in the cold.

Candy Cane Christmas

You have receptors in your skin and mouth that sense temperature change. The menthol in peppermint can fool these sensors that makes you believe you’re colder. Chill out by eating a candy cane.

Last Call

Remember when you had two people at recess pick their teams and you were chosen last? A study from the University of Toronto determined that people feel colder when they feel left out or neglected. Don’t wallow in rejection, just laugh it off and move on, but know that those recollections can cool you off when the heat is on.

Blazin’ Seatbelt

Your sweet 16 has arrived! It’s time to hop in the car and enjoy some summer fun. But, Ouch. You totally got burned…. By the seatbelt. Here’s two simple tips to help avoid this slightly painful experience.

  1. When you leave the car.

Leave a few small washcloths or hand towels in the glove compartment of your car. Grab them and cover the buckles of your seatbelt before you leave.

  1. When you get in the car.

Keep a spray bottle with water in your cup holder and mist the buckles before you put on your seat belt. The water will heat up in your car, but the evaporation of the water from the seatbelt will cool off the hot metal.

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