Classroom Classification

Build self-worth & character


Take an inventory of your classmates. Row by row, name all the students in your classroom and list your impression of them.

  • Peter is nice, but when he’s hanging around a certain crowd, he totally ignores you
  • Thomas is negative
  • Anthony was held back a grade
  • Joey was in juvie
  • Jonah’s a quitter
  • Jamal’s depressed
  • Timothy is naive and fearful
  • Leah is ugly
  • Raven sleeps around
  • David’s a player
  • Max gets nervous too easily and stutters
  • Luke is a brainiac
  • Paul is always sick
  • Nevaeh is poor
  • Ruth is from the other side of the tracks
  • Samantha has a bad reputation
  • Mary’s a teen mom
  • Zach cheats

Now, take a look at this list again. A few of the names were changed to connect with today’s society, but each name is associated with a biblical character and the personality flaw that they are known for. Regardless of their bad reputation or weak disposition, God used each of these individuals in amazing ways:

How God Uses Flaws

  • Peter had a sincere relationship with Jesus but denied him three times only to become the rock in which Jesus built His church.
  • Thomas doubted Jesus’ resurrection but became a pillar in growing the early church.
  • Abraham took a while to trust God’s plan for his life, but eventually he did become the “Father” of God’s chosen people.
  • Joseph saved his nation (and his family) from a horrible famine, even though he had been a prisoner.
  • Jonah ran away from responsibility, but he turned around and helped many people discover faith in one true God.
  • Jeremiah was depressed but was an incredible prophet – speaking the truth of the Lord.
  • Timothy was young and fearful, but he led many to Christ.
  • Leah wasn’t chosen because of her beauty, but she became the mother of the men who would eventually be known as the “Twelve Tribes of Israel.”
  • Rahab, a prostitute, risked her life to save God’s people.
  • David was an adulterer but became a great king and a man after God’s own heart.
  • Moses stuttered, but freed God’s people from slavery.
  • Luke is an intelligible Doctor who wrote two incredible books of the Bible (Luke and Acts).
  • Paul fell ill a lot, but God used him to heal many people.
  • Naomi lost everything she had but dedicated her life to ensuring the survival of her beloved daughter-in-law Ruth.
  • Ruth wasn’t one of the “chosen people” but gave birth to David’s ancestor which means she’s in the lineage of Jesus.
  • The Samaritan woman had a bad reputation, but her faith was strong.
  • Mary became pregnant (by the Holy Spirit) before she was married and gave birth to our Savior.
  • Zacchaeus was a tax collector, but Jesus chose him to host a dinner at his house.

Personal Classification

You classify yourself the same way you classify every single person in your classroom. You point out your failures, shortcomings or wrongdoings. Now, evaluate the above list again. Do you see how God used each individual regardless of his or her shortcomings? Do you not believe that God could use you as well? If you, for a second, think that God would use someone other than you, then you’re placing limitations on God. Don’t! Instead, trust that He is already using you to influence the people around you. Accept that you have a significant role in His plan.

God Is Using You

Once you understandthat God has given you a purpose, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to hide? Or, are you going to prepare? If God is going to use you for something significant, don’t you want to be ready? Start memorizing scripture, keep reading your Bible, make church and youth group a priority – not because you have to, but because it draws you closer to God. When you do these activities, you’ll learn more about Jesus so your faith and relationship with Him with grow. Being closer to God means you’ll have a clearer understanding of what He’s calling you toward.

It’s during times of intimacy with Jesus that you’ll gain Godly wisdom and knowledge. You’ll hear Him speaking to you or prompting you to realize what actions He’s currently leading toward. You don’t have to qualify, be a certain age, status or IQ to be used by God. Just open your heart, your mind and your Bible. God uses everyday people to do His work to further His kingdom.

Continue your journey by helping each one of your classmates realize his or her worth and ability. If God can use you, then He will use everyone – regardless of any shortcoming. As you grow in your wisdom and faith, guide others to do the same!


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