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What Lurks Under Your Bed Preventing a Truly Clean Bedroom?

Most “Spring Cleaning” techniques are about sorting through old clothes in your closet, getting yourself organized, or doing a deep clean. But what about the junk that accumulates under your bed? When was the last time you actually looked under there? Have dust bunnies created a habitat or are cobwebs so thick that you can’t even see across to the other side?  Here’s some tips for a clean bedroom.

At least once a year, you should clear out everything under your bed. If the Spring Cleaning season isn’t the right time for you, then clean up your mess during the summer or winter break. But, give yourself at least a half-day for the project.

Step One for a Clean Bedroom: Pull it all out.

Pull the mass quantity of dirty socks, hair accessories, old makeup and half-finished projects out from under your bed. Obviously, throw the dirty clothes in the laundry and reunite them with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’ve forgotten about a long-lost item and won’t use it again, donate it to Goodwill or another non-profit organization, find another use for it or throw it out.

Step Two for a Clean Bedroom: Sort through the long-lost items.

Find a home for all the newly found items. If you don’t have an obvious place for it, add it to a bin or basket. Set that basket in your closet (or under your bed again). If there isn’t room for the item in its natural home (say your sock drawer is already overflowing and you can’t fit another pair in it), then it’s time to go through what you have and donate, reuse or get rid of items that aren’t helpful or useful.

Step Three for a Clean Bedroom: Clean under and behind your bed

Once everything that lived under your bed has a designated place to stay, pull your bed away from the wall and clean, clean, clean. Wipe down the base boards with a wet rag. Vacuum or sweep up all the dust bunnies. Dust the wall side of your bed and freshen anything else up that needs a little attention.

Step Four for a Clean Bedroom: Place everything in it’s home.

Push your bed back into its place. Make your bed and if you needed the space underneath for certain items, then organize bins or baskets, shoes, etc.

Step Five for a Clean Bedroom: Maintain under your bed for a clean bedroom.

Now your bed is clean and organized again. But, what if you know you aren’t going to be able to keep it this way? Then place a big decorative box, basket or bin under your bed. Make that a hiding place for all the junk that just happens to be pushed or kicked under there.  When the box is full, go through it and get things organized again.

Having a clean bedroom isn’t the time to go on a shopping spree either to cram new stuff under your bed. If you do need to buy bins and baskets to keep yourself organized, here are a few tips to help you avoid impulse spending.

Step Six for a Clean Bedroom: What to do with repeat items. 

If the same item ends up under your bed all over again, find a new place for that item. Perhaps one that will work in the long run.  Sometimes, that means parting with it because it keeps you from being cleaned and organized.

What you do with the things you have and how you keep your room is a big sign of how you view yourself and God. Everything is a gift from God. If you have a lot of junk under your bed, essentially, you’re showing that you think His gifts are junk. Certainly, you can find the time to care for the little things God’s asked you to be responsible for and maintain a clean bedroom. When you can demonstrate responsibility over your room, God (and your parents) may be willing to give you responsibility over something more significant.

Now that you have a clean bedroom, release some more stress with these healthy and safe stress relievers.

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