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Focus of Chris Tomlin’s Album Adore

Christmas is a time of community and Chris Tomlin’s album Adore embodies this time-old tradition. It’s unique to think that an album can create community – sure it can bring people together in worship or to celebrate the season. But, Tomlin created community through the very process of developing Adore.

First, the essence of the album is a celebration of the greatest news: Christ the Savior of the world has come! Many of the songs sound like depictions of the gathering of the angels who worshiped that very night in Bethlehem. The community of angels brings celestial presence to earth in a very real way, one that can bring us comfort as we journey with them during this Christmas season.

Second, Tomlin brought together some of his closest friends to collaborate with him on the album. Lauren Daigle beautifully embraces “A Christmas Alleluia;” All Sons & Daughters join in for “What Child Is This?” and Kristyn Getty radiates in “Silent Night.” These partnerships bring a new aura to the album, creating a strong sense of adoration for Christ. Plus, Tomlin will be on tour with Lauren Daigle as well as David Crowder for the Adore Christmas Tour this December.

Third, a community through healing is created with the non-profit organization Cure International. Tomlin sits on the Board of Directors of, so he’s offering to give the album Adore to anyone who donates $50 to support the ministry of Cure International.

Finally, Chris Tomlin thinks of the community his music can touch and encourage any time he creates an album. Just like any musician, he’s thinking of his fans as he writes his music. But, Tomlin takes it a step further by investing in the people who sing his music every week as they worship the Lord. He’s not trying to reinvent Christmas music, but rather he’s inviting those who love the Lord to celebrate with him and one another. He’s writing songs for the church, songs people can sing, songs that connect with people in their heart and move them in a way in which only a song can.

It’s a humbling experience for Chris Tomlin to hear his songs being sung by church choirs, praise teams and congregations. It’s estimated that more than 40 million men, women and children sing his songs each week, a statistic that moved TIME magazine to proclaim him “likely the most often sung artist anywhere.” This accolade could easily puff up Tomlin’s pride, but instead, he focuses on the individuals who worship their Savior with heartfelt passion. With this, Tomlin shares a previous story about how he walked into a small church one Sunday back when he was working on his previous album Love Ran Red. There were maybe 100 congregants present, none of whom recognized Tomlin, nor did he know a single soul. But he stood there, listening with amazement, as the church musicians performed several of his songs. “It was a reminder that this is what I pray for, and that God gives me songs for,” Tomlin says. “It goes beyond me, or a person, or a Chris Tomlin song. To see that was encouraging to me in so many ways.”

Not only does Tomlin desire to inspire his fans through his music, but he’s writing a “12 Days of Christmas Devotional” based on songs from Adore. The devotional is presented by Patheos. Here Tomlin is bridging a gap between media forms by creating a community between both written and audible word. Through the addition of the devotions, Tomlin’s desire is for listeners to dig deeper into their celebration of Jesus Christ this Christmas and adore Him completely – mind, body and spirit.

This leads to the ultimate community Chris creates through his album Adore – the community between a listener and their Savior. The Christmas season is saturated with tidings of hope, joy and peace. Adore stirs up these spiritual tones that can only be found in the presence of God.

Click here to check out Adore.

So what does one of the most well-known and influential artists in contemporary Christian love about Christmas? We couldn’t resist asking the man whom many list on their “Favorite Christmas Songs List” what he loves most about the season:

Favorite Songs on the Album // “Adore,” “Noel,” “A Christmas Alleluia” and “He Shall Reign Forevermore”

Favorite Christmas Gift // Honda ATV three-wheeler

Favorite Christmas Albums // Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God and Josh Groban’s Noël

Favorite Christmas Songs // “O, Holy Night” and “O, Come All Ye Faithful”

Favorite Christmas Story // Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Favorite Christmas Movie // It’s A Wonderful Life


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