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9 Tips for Compiling the Perfect Playlist

Sometimes you truly can say it all with a song. When considering the perfect Christmas gift for friends or family, add a personalized playlist to the inventory. A personalized playlist is an incredibly cheap, yet sentimental gift. Plus, it’s super easy to create playlists. But, to craft a worthy playlist, don’t just throw a handful of songs together, be creative, thoughtful and intentional.  Here are 9 tips to help you build the perfect playlist.

1. Create Playlist Length

The length of your playlist should be an hour or more. If it’s any less, then you’re not adding enough content to the mix.

2. Order of Playlist

The order of the playlist is incredibly important. You want to tell a story with the chronology of the songs. That story can be told from the content, but it can also be told with the genre, mood or tone, etc. 

3. Organize Your Playlist

Contemplate the rhythm, tempo, beat from one song to the next. There needs to be a natural flow with peaks and valleys. You don’t want all songs to have the same exact temp, but having two that match back-to-back may allow for a perfect transition from one into the other. Also be aware of how one song ends and the next begins. Some songs can lead into a new song very powerfully. 

4. Use Variety

Select a variety of songs when you create playlist. Choose from songs that you always sing together, your favorite songs, the recipients favorite songs, plus songs that always make you think of each other. Add songs that share a sentimental statement that you want to share. That means you may want to include songs from another era or genre.

5. Create Playlist with Limits

Don’t include more than two songs from a favorite artist, unless you’re doing a compilation of songs from a single artist. 

6. Introduction

Try to introduce the recipient to a new song, artist or genre. Who knows, it may become his or her new favorite!

7. Create Playlist Theme

Create a theme for the entire playlist, perhaps Christmas, First Date, Embarrassing Moments, Hopes and Dreams, Places to Explore. Having a theme allows you to develop multiple playlists overtime, then you have an assortment of “go to” playlists for various moods and circumstances. 

8. Your Playlist must Flow

It’s important to start and end the playlist strong. Make sure it isn’t lagging in the middle. 

9. Have Fun When You Create Playlist

Have fun and be creative. Your playlist doesn’t have to be all playful, nor does it have to be all serious. You have many aspects of your character, so does the recipient, so allow your playlist to reflect your character.  

Here’s a challenge this Christmas season: select a favorite Christmas song or hymn and create playlist with interesting versions of that song. We’d love to hear your compilation!

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