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Do you ever feel like the people around you are better than you at everything? Maybe you think you have a cool, unique idea in your government class but then the teacher relentlessly praises someone else’s work. Do you ever feel like your ideas are stupid? You finally tell your idea for a story you want to write and your friend scoffs at you.  What about feeling like you’re really good at something that nobody thinks is important? You try to rally your friends to do a service project with your church, but no one wants to help out. 

No matter what anyone says, do not be discouraged! God created you in His Image, which means that you hold a piece of His boundless creativity. Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. God created you with unique gifts and insights so that you can pour out the love of Jesus in inspired ways. 

You may not think you’re the creative type, but there are many ways people are creative! By definition, creativity is “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” Most people generalize creativity applied only to the arts, but the first part of this description says, “the use of the imagination or original ideas.” Here are a few ways that you can be creative along with an example of awesome people who have used their gifts in powerful ways:


A common example of creativity is visual artwork, such as paintings, sketches and sculptures. Visual artwork also includes photography, interior design, graphic art and web design. One image can tell a complex story and represent hundreds of messages.

Denise Benitez: is a freelance photographer. She is a Nanny to make ends meet and she is a passionate worshipper of Jesus. While she does traditional photo shoots, she is always excited to do something new and exciting. Take a look at her website and social media!


“It’s just business,” people say. Businesses are always looking for original ideas to make the company stronger, so, there is a welcome place for creative people.

Sweet Sleep: a non-profit organization that provides thousands of beds to orphans in need. This non-profit organization reaches out to orphans in eight different countries. They saw a need in the world and created a new business to meet this need.

Social Justice

In the Gospels, Jesus is always advocating for the marginalized (poor, destitute, outcasts,  women, etc.). He is a God of justice, and this desire is shared by Christians around the world. The world is amazing, but it’s also wicked and flawed. There are thousands of causes seeking justice around the world in need of creativity to address the issue in a new and effective way. 

Shane Claiborne: uses his BA in sociology and youth ministry to work with the homeless in Philadelphia through his organization, The Simple Way. He speaks and writes to the Christian community to remind them of Jesus’ calling for social justice. You can find out more about him and his organization here:


There will always be needs in the medical field, no matter how many advances modern medicine makes. The medical field is a very practical application of gifts in science, even though there are hundreds of scientific fields. In research, awareness, and application, there are needs for creativity, original ideas and imagination. 

Ben Carson: the first surgeon to ever separate twins who were joined at the head. He did this not just once, but hundreds of times after. The first time he brought up his idea, he was brushed off by the team of doctors, but he still found a way to use his creative methods successfully. You can find out more about his life on his website or in his book Gifted Hands.


There are many ways to get involved in theatre. Stage management, props, set design, tech, light board, sound board, directing, writing, and acting. Theatre is a great way to tell unique stories.

Sight and Sound: was founded in 1976 by Glenn Eshelman, who  started developing his artistic creativity at a young age. This theatre was dedicated to putting Bible stories professionally on-stage. Decades later, it developed into two theatres with large-scale productions.


Education is an integral part of our society and needs imagination and original ideas.  There are many different learning types and disabilities that students have that need inventive teaching methods. Various ways exist to become involved in education.

English Learning Institute: China: joins education and cross-culture experience. China values the English language and is very welcoming to native speakers. ELIC encourages high school students and English teachers to strengthen their skills. Learn more about ELIC here:


Very few people don’t like any kind of music. It is an incredible blend of art and mathematics, so it speaks to people on various levels. New styles and songs are desired by music lovers everywhere. Creativity flows through music. 

International House of Prayer; Prayer Room: envisioned being like the tabernacle in the days of King David, with 24-hours of prayer and worship. Their prayer room consists of twelve 2 hour sets every day, seven days a week. While their musicians practice ahead of time, much of their music is made up on the spot. The International House of Prayer (IHOP) is located in Kansas City, MO.

There are unlimited ways to be creative! Take the advice of 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let others look down on you because you are young…” Take new steps to discover how you are creative! If you’re interested in government  or social justice, join your schools Government club or arrange a meeting with a town representative to ask questions and throw around some ideas. If you’re a writer, try out for the school newspaper, or start a blog, and pick up some writing advice books. If you have a service project, start a Facebook page and go to your youth pastor or senior pastor for help. Pray about your ideas and ask God to shape your creativity and to send you people who will encourage you in developing creativity that honors Him. 

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