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Brighten Your Face with Defined Brows

Your eyebrows actually have a rather significant impact on the overall look of your face. If well groomed, they help make your eyes stand out and create the illusion of a slender, lifted face. Shaping your brows is the first step to having impressionable brows, but there’s more you can do to ensure they really flatter your face. Here’s a step by step tutorial on using defining makeup to groom your brows after they’ve been well shaped for the ultimate effect.

  1. Defining Makeup Pencil: Shape brows with a pencil

Use a pencil if your brows have bald spots or are uneven. A pencil can help fill them in, creating an even look. For your defining makeup, select a color one shade lighter than your brows. If you have blonde hairs, opt for a shade darker. Use the side of the pencil tip (not the point) to make tiny, angled dashes in the direction that the hair grows. Then blend by sweeping through the entire brow a few times with a spooley brush.

  1. Defining Makeup Gel: Set brows in place with gel

Swipe the gel through the brows to set the color. Or, to tame long or wayward hairs by combing the gel upward. If the hairs are really long, brush them up and then over toward the tail.

  1. Defining Makeup Powder: Thicken brows with powder

If you have thin brows, whether naturally or because you’ve overplucked, use powder as a defining makeup to create natural fullness. Lightly feather the powder from above the eye, outward by holding an angled brow brush so it’s slightly slanted. Then, make sure the color is evenly distributed by running a spooley brush through your brows.  

  1. Defining Makeup Mousse: Clean up thick brows

If you have medium or thick brows, use a defining makeup mousse which is denser than gel. Whisk through the arches for a one step process to define brows by sweeping through the entire length of each brow using small, upward strokes. Be careful though, because mousse can be rather goopy, so remove excess product before applying to your eyebrows.

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