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Strengthen Your Relationships & Friendships

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A new school year provides tons of opportunities to forge new friendships, grow deeper bonds in existing relationships and celebrate continued growth in your relationship with God. Trying new activities or clubs through church, school or your community helps you establish a variety of friendships while also exposing you to different personalities and lifestyles. You’ll learn more about other people, helping you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

People tend to define you by who you hang out with. Through diverse friendships, you won’t be confined to a single label. Rather you’ll be known more for your character. Cliques don’t allow the opportunity to explore diversity. Breaking away from the social norm of sticking with people just like you will allow you to embrace many different people.

When you have a variety of people to turn to, you’ll avoid a lot of the unnecessary drama, and you won’t experience being singled out. If one friend ditches you, there’s another waiting to have your back. You won’t be alone and will have countless activities and people to invest in. You’ll be able to rely on people with a variety of interests and talents. Need help with math? Don’t hire a tutor, just ask a friend to help. Want to learn more about particular type of music? Ask a friend to go to a concert with you. By spending time with a variety of people, you’ll learn a lot more about your own likes and dislikes.

Finding Friendships at Church

Friendships that take shape through church provide encouragement for strengthening your relationship with God. Through studying scripture, praying, worshiping and serving together, you’ll build a stronger bond as you build your own faith in Jesus.

Find relationships and grow in your faith at church:

  • attend a small group, or start one of your own
  • step out and join the worship team
  • volunteer in your community or partake in a mission trip
  • explore the diverse styles of worship by visiting other churches in your community
  • ask if you can be a greeter for your church service, or sit in a different place than normal

Socializing at School

Your school is filled with a lot of people who are different from you. That diversity can reveal fascinating things that you may not find if you stick to what’s comfortable. It may not be popular to establish friendships outside your group, but having a variety of friends is exciting, and adds flavor to your life.

Escape your comfort zone to encounter new classmates:

  • mix up where you sit for lunch and reach out to people you haven’t met
  • invite people to form a study group
  • go to a different school’s prom or dance with a friend
  • carpool to school with students in your neighborhood
  • join a new club or observe practice of one that interests you

Creating Community

Extracurricular activities are also great ways to create new bonds. Growing closer to these people is easy because you share a common interest, but it may require that you break down the cliques that keep people from mingling with a new crowd. Spend time with people you don’t know, especially the ones who don’t already have close friends. Your boldness can be a great example that builds unity and encourages everyone to push for deeper relationships.

Clubs, sports and other groups expose great outlets for forming new friendships:

  • become an active leader of the group
  • form a new club when you see an outlet for bringing people with similar interests together
  • coordinate a student-led time after hours to gain a little extra practice
  • gather the group together for food or fun outside the normal scheduled time
  • mix it up and ask your coach or teacher if you can try different roles or positions for a day

God places people in your life for a variety of reasons. Seeing how God works through these relationships is rewarding. Jesus had friends from all different walks, and it helped His ministry. In the same way, having a variety of friends will enable you to be a light in your school. As you enter into this school year, know that He already has a plan for you. Spending time with God and ask Him about the people in your life and who He wants you to invest in.

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