Do It Yourself: Autumn Headband in Ten Minutes

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Style changes with the leaves. So, this fall why not combine the two? This autumn leaves headband is quick and inexpensive. You’ll need three fake leaves, a headband and your trusty glue gun.

Use this DIY headband as inspiration for your own fall accessory project. There’s plenty of room to build on this simple headband by adding leaves, berries and flowers. The more you add, the fuller the headband. So, play around to create a piece that fits perfectly with your personality, body shape and style.

Time: 10 minutes         Price: Under $10

supplies for a DIY project

Step 1. After you have purchased your varieties of leaves, flowers, berries, etc. detach them from the plastic stems. Fake flowers are normally connected either by wire or with a plastic piece. The plastic pieces can be pulled off and the wire can be cut. Make sure you have scissors that are up for the task. Start heating your glue gun.

leaves for DIY Autumn Headband

Step 2. Planning you arrangement is the fun part! Use bobby pins if you want to keep pieces steady on the headband while you plan your masterpiece. Autumn colors all blend well together so don’t worry about clashing color schemes.


Step 3. Once you have decided how you want your headband to look, it’s time to glue it into place. Use your heated hot glue and carefully apply. Make sure to glue the undersides of the leaves together first. This should create one large leave mass. Then glue your cluster of leaves onto the headband. (Avoid tacky glue. It takes a very long time to dry and makes a large sticky mess that will stick to your hair.)


Step 4. Apply pressure and hold for around 20 seconds. The glue should be set, but if it’s still loose apply more glue and additional pressure.

Step 5. Place on head. Look adorable.

Now you have a cute, trendy autumn leaf headband. Fake leaves come in bunches so you have plenty of leftover materials for future projects. So invite your friends over and have everyone make their own, or make extra’s as gifts for your friends and family.


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