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Doe (also known as Dominique Jones) is bursting into the Christian music scene with her soulful sound, beauty and grace! Her debut full-length solo album Clarity brings clarity of mind and sound to listeners with a refreshing and inspiring approach. 

Like many Christian artists, Doe grew up singing in the church. Her mom had her singing in choirs at a very young age. Music was in her blood, Doe’s whole family was musical. Inevitably family gatherings would end with some sort of musical performance. During family prayer time, her father encouraged everyone to grab their instruments and play for the Lord. He would say, “Sing what you want to say to the Lord in this moment.”

“My parents had five children, so we eventually became a group and we actually did very well.” At the age of 16, her parents (Dewitt Jones III and Kim Jones) along with her four siblings (D’jeniele Hooten, Mya Jones, Dewitt Jones IV and Judah Jones) started performing together as the gospel band Forever Jones. The family creatively mixed gospel, pop, R&B and soul to become an invigorating and inviting sound in the industry. Forever Jones released two albums, then decided to part ways with their label and self-release some more intimate, prayerful tunes. Dominique found her niche in song-writing with her family. Soon, Dominique decided to go solo. “I was really supported. I didn’t leave, I was sent off by my family.”  

Musical Journey

While working as a youth pastor, Doe met with a variety of record labels trying to get her foot in the door. She received offers, but felt like none of them were the right fit. On the side, she was dedicated to work on her sound and message as an artist. She began to felt torn, “I knew I was supposed to chase this thing in me. But I really love these kids.” When she finally talked to her pastor he said, “We’ve just been waiting on you.” How encouraging! Everyone in her world knew that God was going to call her to music, and when she stepped out, He provided! 

Just like her dad, she started her solo career with a Prayer tool, called Access. This is a tool that people can listen to when they’re praying. It walks them through their prayer time. “I started experimenting with that and really just honestly doing what was in my heart – doing prayer music and using prayer tools to help people pray.” Gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds soon took notice of her work and featured Doe on one of his songs. His song ultimately became a Top 20 gospel song putting Doe on the map! 

Working with McReynolds, her brothers and a few additional artists, Doe co-wrote a set of songs that would eventually become her self-titled solo debut EP. “It’s a very vulnerable album for me. It is me talking about my life and what God has shown me, without being super ‘religious’,” States Doe. When discussing her adventure of compiling her EP, Doe says, “I feel this is where I am supposed to be. I’m going to take this journey hand-in-hand with everyone and it’s going to be a learning experience. I’m excited about that.” 

Doe Creates Clarity

Years later, finally recognized by a record label that complimented her heart, character and musical passion, Doe steps out with the release of Clarity. Through this album, Doe’s transparent and pure in her songwriting effort! For Doe, songwriting is being willing to express the quirky moments of life. Some songs come quickly. Some come after walking through a season with the Lord. Songwriting never just starts on paper. There’s no method. It’s about being close to and creative with the Lord. 

When it comes to finding inspiration, Doe explains that she was exposed to a variety of music growing up, but gospel is what she lived in. So when it came time to write her own album, she reached beyond gospel for inspiration. Clarity became a warm invitation into Doe’s musical journey. It intentionally brings joy and uplifts people through their spiritual walk. 

There’s an intense depth that Doe brings to the table with Clarity. She had to push herself into a place of vulnerability and brokenness that she wasn’t sure she was willing to do. “There was a level of honesty that I was afraid to tell in Christian songs.” Doe explains that she would write with her hands shaking. “Am I allowed to say this? Am I allowed to tell the truth?” she would question. God helped her understand, “I should only be telling the truth.” Doe realized that the truth she needed to tell was her story, the truth that she can get behind. Through this process, Doe learned that telling our testimony sets us free. 

One of her biggest struggles is self-worth. It’s something she evaluates every day. She explains that churches place a lot of emphasis on worship music, so as a singer, it’s easy to feel like her value comes from her ability to sing. Not through value as a child of God. This also deeply revealed itself in relationships. Doe had to start examining relationships based on performance. She had to ask if people were seeking her out because she had something to offer. Did she seek other’s out to impress them through her skill? Or, was the connection genuine. As a result of her life and musical journey, authenticity has become a foundation for Doe. 

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