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Daughter of Delirious? front man, Martin Smith, Elle Limebear has seen the energy and excitement of touring concert venues around the globe. After graduating college, Elle (pronounced Ellie) spent 2 years performing alongside her father in churches and events all over the world. “Singing and leading worship with my dad is my favorite thing. I’ve watched and learned from him since I was a little girl,” says Elle. Though Elle could follow directly in her father’s footsteps, he always encouraged her to follow the path God laid before her. He inspired her to be her own individual and discover her unique calling. “My whole life he has let me fly,” says Elle when describing her relationship with her father.

ELMarriage to her husband, sheer talent and a strong embrace of the Lord, leads her to a more intimate career path through daily ministry in her community as the worship leader and youth pastor of a local church in the United Kingdom. But she’s not restricting herself to geography or title, as demonstrated by the release of her first full-length album, Lost in Wonder.

Future Harmony

Elle is drawn to her generation. She wants to sing music that not only sounds interesting but has a meaning and truth that speaks passionately to the heart of the people she loves the most. She’s singing of God’s love, but in a way that attracts those who don’t yet know Him. “My hope is for my friends that don’t know Jesus to still identify with these songs,” says Elle.

Elle doesn’t just want to make worship music, she wants to create music that exists in every avenue, just like God. He isn’t limited to the church, and neither should His music, His encouragement or His truth. When speaking of how she wants people to hear her songs, Elle hopes, “That they’re on their party playlists, spreading hope, drawing them into truth, and then seeing it spread out to their friends, colleges, clubs, through their cities and wider.”

EL_press_retoched+copyElle visualizes her musical career bursting with diversity. She imagines concerts full of different people from extensive backgrounds with various experiences all attracted to the visuals, melodies and art that they love. From there, the impact of the music would become real to them, helping them embrace the truth and love of God in their lives.

Universal Worship

Though she has seen the local church and the global church searching for and praising God simultaneously, Elle doesn’t look at the global church, she looks to the heavens. Her album, Lost in Wonder, recalls that the Maker of all things in our universe is the One who created us. God didn’t just make everything to sit back and let His creation thrive or fail. He developed science, relationship, beauty and wonder. Even in the darkness, He gives us light.

Community of Music

Elle longs to be that light – for the young, the lost, the confused. She wants to direct people to God, through her music but also through a relationship. She wants to guide listeners through her words. She wants to form a community of people who love the same things as her.

Music is her medium of communication, but ultimately Elle is a communicator. She loves to connect with people. She’s had a lot of practice – through her local church ministry, but also through her family. Naturally, her parents are communicators, but she is one of six children – she had to embrace communication. “One of my favorite roles in life is being an older sister,” says Elle. She takes this responsibility to heart and wants to extend that role to everyone she meets. “I would love to sit with everyone and chat about everything. For them to feel safe like they’re talking to an older sibling or a long-time friend. I want my music to make them feel valued and included. I want them to feel like they have a seat at the table.”

Check out Elle Limebear’s Official Music Video for “Holding Me Still”:

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