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As the weather becomes cooler, there are many activities to keep you active in the beautiful outdoors! Fall is a perfect time to begin a new fitness schedule because you can start positive habits for the upcoming holiday season. As the holiday foods roll in, there’s no better time to start setting new goals and have positive self-control! Here are three ways you can build activity into your daily routine:

1. Enjoy the weather!

Fall is the perfect time to check out new and old scenic places. The changing of the leaves makes for a beautiful landscape to enjoy while working out your body at the same time!

  • Find new parks and trails around you that offer good, safe places to walk, run or bike. This can be a great time to listen to podcasts, online sermons or your favorite music.
  • Try out canoeing at a lake or river and get a full-body workout.
  • Volunteer for service projects such as walking with residents at the nursing home or raking leaves.
  • Find a gym that offers outdoor aerobic classes.

2. Multi-task with friends!

While catching up and spending time with friends, why not be active at the same time? It doesn’t always have to feel like a strenuous workout in order to be good exercise.

  • Instead of meeting a friend at a coffee shop, meet at a trail or greenway and walk while you talk!
  • Meet with friends for a game of tennis, frisbee or volleyball at a nearby park.
  • Plan a workout routine with a friend and stick to it! Friends can be a great source of accountability for working out. Remember, it typically takes 30 days for something to become a routine so don’t give up!

3. Eat healthy!

Make your diet as bold in color as the leaves on the trees! While colder weather often promotes comfort foods, try adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

  • Grab a family member and head to the pumpkin patch! Pumpkins are full of antioxidants and vitamins. Look for ways to make your favorite fall treats without all the added sugars and preservatives.
  • Visit local produce stands. The fresher the produce, the more nutrients your body receives. Many fruits and vegetables sold in stores have been shipped in from various places and have lost their nutritional value. Try sweet fruit smoothies on the warmer days and hot veggie soups on cool days!
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