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There are an overwhelming number of books on how to overcome fear, depression, anxiety, etc. Our society is overpowered by these feelings as numerous statistics concur. But Paul said, “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7 nlt) We’ve picked nine books for you to consider if you’re battling fear. But we want to hear which resources have been the most helpful for you. 

Live Fearless: A Call to Power, Passion, and Purpose

By: Sadie Robertson, Beth Clark

Isolation and anxiety are two key factors of teen life. Sadie Robertson understands how social media and technology can lead to various negative emotions that pull us down. But God’s intention for our lives is one of freedom. Sadie’s story of overcoming fear and anxiety offers hope as she stopped looking at her social media feeds and started digging into the pages of her Bible.


Fear and Faith: Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves

By: Trillia J. Newbell

Fears come in all shapes and sizes, and the list is endless. Heavy and burdensome, fears can be paralyzing. But the gentle hand of God conquers all fears. Author of Fear and Faith, Trillia Newbell reflects on Scripture while walking you though her own story. Though it seems impossible to overcome fear, Newbell helps you understand that God’s strength will bring you the security you need to continue to walk through life.


Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage to Overcome Your Fears

By: Kelly Balarie

Comparison, judgement and gaining approval instill fear in our daily life. We’re afraid of not being enough, not meeting expectations and not adding up to today’s standards. In Fighting Fear Kelly Balarie introduces readers to eight fear-inducers that must be overcome in order to live a life full of passion, confidence, purpose and faith. Balarie encourages readers to break free and stop hiding behind fear so we can pursue peace, purpose and joy to become the woman God created us to be.


Insecure: Fighting our Lesser Fears with a Greater One

By: John Perritt

Insecurity penetrates deep. It’s painful but it doesn’t have to be defeating. Scripture tells us to fear the Lord, not the worries and stresses of this world. Wisdom comes from fearing the Lord. By fearing Him, we’re able to identify the driving force behind our insecurity and fear which helps us shift the focus off ourselves and onto God who gives us security and confidence. 


Breaking the Fear Cycle: How to Find Peace for Your Anxious Heart

By: Maria Furlough

We give too much over to our fears. They run deep, but they don’t deserve the deepest part of us. The depths of who we are should be preserved for the Lord. Our fears don’t deserve that much attention or allegiance, yet we are overcome by them. Instead, we should lean on the Lord, who is trustworthy and who will overcome even the worst thing we can imagine.


What Women Should Know About Facing Fear

By: Christin Ditchfield

Fear is a force that many mistakenly believe shouldn’t be reckoned with. In reality, it’s a force that can propel you forward into a deeper faith, a more intimate relationship with God and a more accurate perspective of your life’s purpose. Fear is a part of everyone’s life, but what we do with that fear can make us stronger and more capable of becoming the woman God created us to be. 


Brave Enough: Getting Over Our Fears, Flaws, and Failures to Live Bold and Free

By: Nicole Unice

Fear is a trap that leaves us exhausted and empty. It diminishes our hope for the future, leaving us lifeless. But God has called us to have courage. Author Nicole Unice gives readers insight and tools to use in their daily lives to overcome fear by living a brave life full of confidence and peace. In her book, being brave isn’t about being a superhero or going on some grand adventure. It’s about finding the courage to be who God created you to be and knowing that you are right where He wants you. 


The Cry of the Soul: How Our Emotions Reveal Our Deepest Questions About God

By: Dan B. Allender Ph.D., Tremper Longman III

According to Dan Allender and Tremper Longman III in their book The Cry of the Soul, fear, anxiety, worry and stress may actually point to rebellion against God. This text doesn’t provide a check list of how to overcome these emotions, but looks at a deeper, more penetrating issue by evaluating the state of the heart. Scripture has a lot to say about these darker emotions, which when assessed can direct us toward a stronger, more palpable faith. By analyzing the root of these emotions, you’re actually opening your heart toward healing from God, who will reveal Himself in the deepest, darkest areas of your life. 


Starting Again When You Feel Like Giving Up

By: John F. Westfall

When it seems like everything in life is going wrong, it’s easy to give into the pain, frustration and anger that make the situation even more unbearable and overwhelming. Though it’s tempting to give up, God wants us to know that He is with us in the midst of our struggle. He wants us to rebuild and live a healthy, satisfying life after the pain. In his book, Starting Again When You Feel Like Giving Up, author John Westfall reveals how we can learn to live a life of courage, faith and joy when we’re facing fear. 


Pull It Off: Removing Your Fears And Putting On Confidence

By: Julianna Zobrist

“I could never pull that off!” How many times have you heard, said or felt that way? God didn’t create you to sit comfortably through life, nor did He make you to blend in. God gave you a unique and beautiful character that can shine in the most individual ways. Fashion and music artist Julianne Zobrist digs deep to expose why you feel like you can’t “pull it off.” Then, she helps you see that the only thing holding you back is yourself. PULL IT OFF reveals how you can be transparent and vulnerable and yet secure and confident enough to walk through life facing your fears. When you believe in yourself, you can, indeed, step out in brilliant confidence.


Anywhere Faith: Overcome Fear, Insecurity, and Excuses and Say Yes to God

By: Heather C. King

We’re not that different from the people in the Bible we call heroes: Abraham, Moses, Esther, etc. Yet, we think we’re totally incapable of doing what they did. The fact is, they couldn’t have accomplished what they did without God. They learned utter dependence on Him, and you can too – especially while you’re completely scared. In her book, Anywhere Faith, Heather King will help you realize that God wants a relationship with you so He can accomplish great things through you – just the way you are. No superhero powers necessary.

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