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Your relationship with your boyfriend is anything but boring, but it seems like you’ve found yourself stuck-in-a-rut when it comes to your dates. Every Friday is spent at the high school football game after dinner out, and Saturday you go to a movie or hang out at the mall. There’s just too much to enjoy and see in this world to be stuck doing the same ol’ thing. So this weekend, try something new and let us know how it goes. Try these outdoor date ideas to get you started!

On-the-Go Outdoor Date Ideas

Your heart longs to be outside, so share the joy of nature with your boy. Hike a nearby trail or sign up for a race benefiting your favorite cause.

Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas

Go ahead and satisfy that hopelessly sentimental soul of yours. Instead of the stand-by dinner and a movie, pack a dessert picnic and take him stargazing!

Progressive Outdoor Date Ideas

Indulge in the foodie fantasy you long to explore and hit up every ice-cream parlor in town. Share the smallest size and be creative with your toppings. Pace yourself so you don’t wake up with a stomach ache.

Gregarious Gold Outdoor Date Ideas

Pick an unordinary athletic activity corresponding to your sociable nature. Hit the tennis courts, gather some friends for a kickball game or make a four-square court out of chalk on your driveway and let the competition begin.

Creative Outdoor Date Ideas

You have a creative character and outlook to life, so hit up the local Modern Art Museum and agree to search for the ugliest and most creative piece of art in the entire building.

Mellow Yellow Outdoor Date Ideas

Since you’re super laid-back and love lounging around during a favorite flick, set up a movie projector in your backyard and create your own big screen. Throw down some comfy blankets and pillows, pop some corn to serve with your favorite soda and don’t forget the bug spray and bug repelling candles.

Fashion Meets Fuchsia for Outdoor Date Ideas

Since you are fully aware that the 80’s fashion look engulfed the runway, take your boy rollerskating with crimped hair, leg warmers and a fuchsia tank under your off-the-shoulder shirt. Make sure he’s wearing a “Members Only” jacket and you’ll be the hottest couple on the rink.

Outdoor Date Ideas in Neon Lights

Music is your muse. Check out a band neither of you have heard of and dress the part. If it’s a country band, rock out your western wear, if you’re checking out a punk band, throw on a black and silver tee, studded belt and get ready to mosh in your Cons.

Animal Adventure

Animals are among your best friends, so share your joy of the soft and cuddly with a trip to the local zoo. Spend the afternoon giving every animal you see a unique and crazy pet name like Marvin the Monkey or Buster the Bear.

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