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Abigail Cowen as Angel and Tom Lewis as Michael Hosea in the Redeeming Love Movie
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As depicted in the Redeeming Love movie, at age 8, Sarah becomes a victim of sex trafficking. Ten years later, now known as Angel, she’s the most in-demand prostitute in the rough and tumble prospecting town of Pair-a-Dice (yep, that’s the name of the town!) One day, a nearby farmer sees her walking down the street with men gawking at her. His heart becomes filled with desire, not to have her as a prostitute, but to have her as his wife. The farmer, Michael, is a strong Christian and believes that God told him to marry Angel. 

Abigail Cowen as Angel in the Redeeming Love movie.
Abigail Cowen as Angel in the Redeeming Love movie.

As he begins to pursue her in marriage, she continuously offers him what she thinks he wants. But, in reality, all he wants is her heart (something that she doesn’t know how to give away). All her life, Angel has only been hurt by those around her. All she knows is pain – hating herself and the men that use her. 

Out of desperation due to terrible circumstances, Angel accepts Michael’s proposal. She has bitter and painful expectations of marriage and Michael. He, however, pours out a love for her that she can’t understand nor embrace. Feeling completely unworthy of such endearing love, she runs from him and returns to her old life. Filled with shame from her past, she doesn’t believe she deserves the love that Michael offers. 

Abigail Cowen as Angel and Tom Lewis as Michael Hosea in Redeeming Love.
Abigail Cowen as Angel and Tom Lewis as Michael Hosea in Redeeming Love.

Michael sets out to find his beloved and convince her that she is worthy of such love. As a result, her wounded heart begins to heal as she opens up to the possibility that there’s a greater love that’s unlike any she has ever experienced. 

God’s Pursuit is Redeeming Love Movie

The Redeeming Love movie isn’t about Angel, as many believe. It’s about the perseverance of Michael Hosea as he pursues his love and follows God’s calling. If you pay close attention, you’ll quickly realize that the Redeeming Love movie is the retelling of the biblical story of Hosea. It’s not a pretty story, nor is it a western version of Pretty Woman. The subject matter is far too serious for that. Rather, Redeeming Love is a dark, gritty and painful story of the reality of God’s love for us. He relentlessly pursues us even when we prostitute ourselves to everything else in this world. He heals our wounded heart and reveals to us that we deserve a love that is unlike anything we can even fathom. On the surface, this grimy story doesn’t look Christian at all, but the truth is, it demonstrates the essence of God’s redeeming character and love. 

Abigail Cowen as Angel in Redeeming Love
Abigail Cowen as Angel in Redeeming Love

The story of Hosea can take place in any time period – Old Testament, 1850s Gold Rush as depicted in the film, current day as so many of us personally experience. That’s the beauty of God’s truth. It can take the darkness of life throughout time and turn it into something beautiful. The film digs into lust, sex, trafficking, failure and abuse all as a means to teach us about God’s power to heal, forgive and love us unconditionaly. Producer Cindy Bod says, “It clearly shows what God’s perfect will is for our lives, untainted, unobstructed by what the outside world dictates.” 

Depth in Redeeming Love Movie

There is a depth to every human being who lives on this planet. We are not robots. That depth is depicted in the Redeeming Love movie. Unlike most romance movies, the girl isn’t “fixed” by finding Mr. Right. This isn’t a fairy tale where Prince Charming rights all wrong and everyone lives “Happily ever after.” This is a real and raw story about the internal struggle we face with understanding a love that is greater than ourselves. It’s a struggle with feeling so unworthy, yet receiving forgiveness and restoration. It’s about God’s healing power, not our own strength. 

Many are drawn to this depth, including the actors and actresses playing these characters. “Angel is an incredibly complex character who, after suffering a lifetime of abuse, empowered by love, claws her way out of a world of human trafficking and into a place of triumph. It is a very inspiring and timeless story,” says Abigail Cowen who plays Angel in the movie. Cowen, who is not a Christian, captured our hearts with her feature film debut I Still Believe. God is capturing her heart with the Redeeming Love movie. 

Abigail Cowen as Angel in Redeeming Love
Abigail Cowen as Angel in Redeeming Love

Famke Janssen whose character, the Duchess, runs the brothel where Angel serves says, “I like complex characters. I like women who are strong and troubled and complex.” When director D.J. Caruso’s wife introduced him to Francine Rivers’ book, which the movie is based, he was drawn to the characters and storyline. He states, “It presented me with a rich tapestry of complex characters and outstanding visual opportunities, all wrapped in an epic love story that transcends generations.”

The story, just like all Biblical stories, is as involved and intricate as the characters. “Reading the script, I was just immediately drawn to Angel’s character,” Cowen said. “Seeing the things she went through as a young child and an adult. It really drew me to her and seeing how she also overcame it. But the script didn’t hold back on anything. It wasn’t this beautiful story, even though it is. It shows the reality of what trauma does to someone.”

Reaching Inside Redeeming Love Movie

Redeeming Love penetrates into all the hardship and places inside us that we’ve buried or have been torn apart. Those deep dark places are where God meets us. He brings His radiant light to our pain, not exposing us for our tormented, sinful selves, rather so He can place His goodness over our ugliness. God accepts us for who we are. He brings us freedom and helps us conquer and overcome. No one is good enough for God’s love and full redemption, but He gives it to us openly. 

Scripture teaches us that we are Christ’s bride. We are bound to him in marriage. The Redeeming Love movie reminds us that marriage is God’s will, and sex and love are designed for marriage. God desires for us to have an incredible relationship with our husband, where we allow him to enter into our inner self. When God is the center of our marriage, He can restore anything from our past and help us grow stronger and closer to experience a relationship better than any other. 

Tom Lewis as Michael Hosea in Redeeming Love.
Tom Lewis as Michael Hosea in Redeeming Love.

As the bride of Christ, He alone can love us unconditionally. Producer Cindy Bond describes the over encompassing theme of Redeeming Love as a comparison of Christ’s love for us to Michael’s love toward Angel. “Michael’s love changes Angel, because it’s unconditional. He wants nothing from her. He just purely loves her with no strings attached, just like Jesus loved and died for us. And he still, of course, loves us unconditionally and eternally. And that’s Michael’s love for Angel – unconditional and unending.”

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