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Singing God With Us

Hannah Kerr stepped into the Christian music scene with her incredible album Overflow. But, the opening track “Warrior” is what advanced her musical career. There are few Christians who can’t relate to or be inspired by this poignant song – which is the impetus for Hannah’s songs thereafter. “Warrior is… a song of hope, and more people than I can count, people who’ve gone through struggles with things like illness and chemotherapy, have come up to me and shared stories about how ‘Warrior’ has been a big influence in their live.” Hannah has an incredible knack for making her songs personal – providing the words and encouragement listeners need in their spiritual walk.

Hannah Kerr Emmanuel

Much of Overflow was written by Hannah Kerr herself, so it is no surprise that Hannah successfully and beautifully composed some of her own Christmas songs for her EP Emmanuel. Kerr’s six-song project features two original songs co-written by Hannah Kerr – “Emmanuel” and “Christmas Eve in Bethlehem.” The album also includes well known seasonal favorites: “White Christmas,” “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” “Breath of Heaven” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

Hannah Kerr album Emmanuel

The title track is especially compelling. In her writing, Hannah Kerr reminds listeners of the magnificence of Christ, the brilliance of God and the significance of humanity. She makes God’s presence tangible and real. She brings light to life’s wavering emotions, stimulating a longing to pursue God’s intention and dignity. Hannah’s writing is so personal and intimate it seems like one’s own – which is an incredible reflection of the intimacy of God. He makes each individual’s story unique, yet all are connected to His immaculate creation. Hannah Kerr reminds her listener that God, who created the whole universe, desired to create us in His image. He could have come with great power and strength, but rather He came humbly – a rather bold expression of His love for us. As Hannah states in the song Emmanuel, “He became flesh and blood so we could understand his love.”

Hannah Kerr Finding Her Way

Though young, Hannah Kerr understands and embraces the complexities of a faith-filled life. This could be because her upbringing has been molded by the church. Her father, a worship pastor, raised his family to embrace Christ completely. At the age of five, Hannah’s father had her sing in front of her hometown church in Buffalo, NY. She grew up singing and her parents always had music playing, yet she never aspired to become a singer. “I think my journey is a little different than most,” says Hannah Kerr. “A lot of people grew up thinking, ‘I’m going to be a singer or I’m going to be an artist,’ and that was never on my mind. I thought I was way too introverted to be a singer who performs in front of thousands of people, but as I was leading worship in my home church I felt as if that ministry could be expanded to leading worship for the collective church, across the whole nation, and across the world. I felt that God was calling me to do something bigger through music.”

When her family moved from Buffalo to Nashville, Hannah’s life took a turn. The summer before her freshman year of high school opportunities unfolded that would solidify her fate, but the journey was very difficult. “That transition was the hardest time of my life. I felt so alone and I didn’t want to let my parents know how badly I was hurting. I would dig into the Bible and ask, ‘God, why am I here? Do you have a purpose for me?’ I had always sung, but when my mom encouraged me to try out for the worship team at my church, I tried it, and from the moment I sang my first song in worship, I knew I had found my place,” says Hannah Kerr.

Hannah Kerr was always inspired by her parents and their worship music. She points out that it was their outpouring and talent that planted the seed deep within for her to become a singer/songwriter as well. Her family is a major supporter and advocator as she begins to develop her musical career. Like most of us, Hannah Kerr needed encouragement as she stepped into the limelight. “At first, I was hesitant because it was scary and way outside of my comfort zone, but I think that’s how God uses you best–when you’re uncertain and uncomfortable, because that’s when His power is made perfect in your weakness. So, I started making music and fell in love with the process of worshipping God and transferring that worship into songs. To me, that’s a great window into my life and into my heart for people that hear it.”

Fast forward beyond her incredible debut album, Hannah Kerr provides a beautiful Christmas EP that reminds listeners of how our God advocates for His beloved. “I’m so excited to release this EP! Christmas is my favorite holiday and always such a good reminder of the nearness of our Savior. I hope these songs bring peace and joy to everyone who listens to them. I’m praying that we will all be reminded of Emmanuel–our God who was with us on that first Christmas in Bethlehem, and who is with us now.”

Hannah Kerr Wants to Inspire Others

Like many new artists, Hannah Kerr finds herself on the road promoting her work. While she’s on tour, she also leads worship at contemporary churches across the country as well as attends Belmont University’s Ministry and Worship program. To top it all off, she continues to volunteer her time and talent for her favorite charities. She’s able to maintain this insanely busy schedule because she knows that she is exactly where God wants her and she wants her life to be an inspiration to others to pursue God’s leading in their own life. “I think God is using me,” she says, “because I said yes and I’m willing to be used. I’m just following the call that Christ has placed on my life.”

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