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There once was a beautiful girl who captured the attention of everyone. Her face radiated like the sun, her eyes were endearing and her hair flowed like milk and honey. This beautiful woman is you! Your face reflects the love of God, your eyes are a passage into your compassionate heart and your hair represents your true beauty.

You have a favorite way to style your hair, and certain products are required to gain that particular look. We don’t want to change your desired look, but want to provide you with a list of our favorite 17 healthy hair products, each of which performs a specific task.

Helpful Healthy Hair Product Damage Control and Protection


Helpful Healthy Hair Product Styling Creams, Gels and Sprays

Helpful Healthy Hair Product Finishing Styles

Tell us what healthy hair products are your favorite, and show how they help you gain the beautiful look you desire.

niNe. magazine believes in promoting products that are natural or contain few chemicals and harmful ingredients for your hair, skin and body.

These above are our favorite healthy hair products because one of the following pertains:

  1. we use the item at our photoshoots,
  2. our staff loves the product and uses it every day,
  3. we adore the company and what they stand for,
  4. the product is made with healthy, more natural ingredients and won’t damage your hair.
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