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As the weather cools down and we transition into the holiday season, the comforts of home become more appealing. We reminisce about grandma’s cozy handmade scarf, Uncle Tom’s handcrafted woodwork and mom’s fresh apple pie. Nostalgia is reflected in this season’s apparel, so cozy up to the fire, give your mom a big hug and thank God for the gift of your warm and inviting family.

Quilted Essentials

Wrap yourself up in the cozy intricacy of quilted coats, jackets or vests and accessorize with any shape, style or size quilted purse.

Quilted Fashion Trends
Poncho, $49.99, available at H&M; Conscious Quilted Cap, $14.99, available at H&M; Piper Boots, $69.95, available at Altar’d State; Hamsa Dress in Olive, $69.95, available at Altar’d State; Golo Mae Cowboy Boot, $285.00, available at Nordstrom; Quilted Shopper, $34.99, available at H&M; Free People Arial Denim Bomber Jacket, $148.00, available at Nordstrom; Eloise Crossbody, $54.95, available at Altar’d State; Velour Quilted Crossbody Bag, $29.95, available at Altar’d State.

Appliqué and Lace

Adorn the detail of delicate lace and appliqués in a shirt or sweater worn over a tank or long sleeve. Find lace detailing in other sweet silhouettes such as shoes.

Karine Top in Cedarwood, $59.95, available at Alter’d State; Namjosh Beaded Denim Headband, $50.00, available at Nordstrom; Farm Rio Toucan’s Garden Floral Embroidery One-Shoulder Linen Blend Dress, $325.00, available at Nordstrom; Camilla Top in Elderberry, $59.95, available at Altar’d State; Shana Dress in Navy, $79.95, available at Altar’d State; Kaysen Dress in Black, $79.95, available at Altar’d State.

Patchwork Past

A patchwork quilt is a treasure of the past that gives influence to this season’s wardrobe – wear it on your sleeve, skirt or favorite accessory.

Two-toned FlaFlared Jean, $79.95, available at Altar’d State; Zimmermann Cassia Patchwork Floral Cotton Midi Skirt, $650.00, available at Nordstrom; Kailee Skirt, $59.95, available at Altar’d State; Wilder Booties, $69.95, available at Altar’d State; Recycled Denim Collection Bucket Hat, $24.99, available at H&M; Golden Goose Mid Star Sneaker, $750.00, available at Nordstrom; Recycled Denim Collection Bag, $34.99, available at H&M; Recycled Denim Collection Shirt, $29.99, available at H&M; BP. Patchwork Mesh Top in Pink, $25.00, available at Nordstrom; BP. Patchwork Mesh Skirt in Pink, $29.00, available at Nordstrom.

Precious Pearls

There is no fonder memory then digging into your mom’s jewelry box and shifting through her pearls, take advantage of this sentimental season to decorate your look with a pair of luxurious pearls.

SIIZU Gemma Choker, $75.00, available at Nordstrom; SIIZU Fraser Cinq Choker, $58.00, available at Nordstrom; SIIZU Lobelia Pearl Earrings, $45.00, available at Nordstrom; SIIZU Gili Flower Genuine Pearl & Bead Ring, $15.00, available at Nordstrom; SIIZU Plant Twins Pearl Hoop Earrings, $50.00, available at Nordstrom; SIIZU Gracie Donut Earrings, $68.00, available at Nordstrom; Drop in the Sea Necklace, $19.95, available at Altar’d State.

Needlework Nostalgia

Heirloom-worthy pieces inspire a variety of fashionable crocheted pieces that remind you of delicate hind-knit creations.

Madewell Cinched Crochet Straw Hat, $45.00, available at Nordstrom; Beis The Naturals Raffia Crossbody Bag in Beige, $58.00, available at Nordstrom; Co-exist Story Sweater Dress, $99.00, available at H&M; Alice Sweater in Deep-Lichen Green, $69.95, available at Altar’d State; Rosie Sweater in Sand, $69.95, available at Altar’d State; Btb Los Angeles Riley Crochet Tote in Red, $128.00, available at Nordstrom; Lavish by Tricia Milaneze Crochet Pansy Drop Earrings, $99.00, available at Nordstrom; Btb Los Angeles Isabella Crossbody Bag in Sand, $68.00, available at Nordstrom; Cyrene Hat in Sand, $39.95, available at Altar’d State.

Cozy classics daytime staples combined with delicate heirloom inspired pieces make the season’s biggest trends mean the forecast for fall is both comfortable and cool – while still keeping you warm.

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