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A movement to protect followers of Jesus of Nazareth

Thousands of Christians have died at the hands of Muslim extremists, and the atrocities committed by terrorists continue to make headlines across the globe. The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), a nonprofit that offers practical and spiritual help to persecuted Christians, has launched the i am n movement that has already generated over $5 million in aid for Christians who have been displaced by the self-proclaimed Islamic State known as ISIS. Now, VOM is releasing an album and book curriculum entitled i am n to help spread awareness of the plight of persecuted Christians around the world.

The “i am n” movement takes its name from the symbol used by ISIS militants to target believers. It began when ISIS militants moved into northern Iraq and began identifying Christian-owned property by painting the Arabic letter ن or “n” on homes and churches. This single letter conveyed the accusation that the occupants were “Nazarenes”—followers of Jesus of Nazareth rather than Islam—giving them the ultimatum to convert to Islam and stay in the community, leave or die.

VOM worked with Integrity Music to develop a soundtrack for the movement, featuring music from All Sons & Daughters, The Brilliance, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Travis Ryan, New Life Worship, WorshipMob, NCC Worship, Desperation Band, Rend Collective, Israel and New Breed and Greg Sykes. The 12-track i am n album includes original songs written specifically for the movement.

In addition to the music, VOM is working with the publishing house David C Cook to release i am n: Inspiring Stories of Christians Facing Islamic Extremists along with a 90-day companion devotional and related curriculum. The i am n book shares real-life stories of Christians holding onto their faith in the midst of violence, fear and death. These stories are inspiring, encouraging and incredibly challenging. It’s hard to grasp the tremendous faith and courage of persecuted Christians willing to stand up for their Lord, even in the midst of death. So, VOM also provides practical insight at the conclusion of each story that will motivate, enable and equip you to face daily challenges and grow in your faith. The Voice of the Martyrs offers these resources because they’re dedicated to inspiring all believers to deepen their commitment to Christ and to fulfill His Great Commission no matter the cost.

12526622-am-album-releases-feb-12Proceeds from the sale of all “i am n” related products will be used by Voice of the Martyrs to support persecuted Iraqi and Syrian Christians, including those fleeing Syria as refugees by providing temporary shelter, medical care, food, clothing, clean drinking water and more.

Churches and universities are also partnering with VOM to host “Exile Nights.” These events for students simulate what refugees might experience when forced to leave their homes. The first Exile Night will be hosted by Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and will include worship with All Sons & Daughters. Sign up online to receive more information about Exile Nights in your area.

VOM is also partnering with Christian Booksellers Association stores to launch their “Family Med Pack” initiative. This will provide a practical way for Christians to help refugees and their families. Empty Family Med Packs will be available for pickup at CBA retailers, with a list of a family’s medical needs included. Participants will then fill the pack with the requested items and ship the filled pack to VOM, who will forward the supplies to refugee families in need overseas.

Check out the i am n movement for more information and ways that you can get involved.

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