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The Color Releases New Album No Greater Love

As high schoolers, Jordan Janzen and James Shiels of The Color, dreamed of becoming famous. They deeply desired to make it big as a band. Jordan explains, “James and I had played in a high school band for a few years and it encompassed all of the high school desires and dreams that come with that. We were going to be famous!” 

Growing up, both boys were surrounded by music, as well as future bandmates Larry Abrams on lead guitar and Tyson Unrau on drums. Jordan and his dad used to play together in their basement on a recurring basis. James was taught the piano as a child. In 6th grade, Larry learned to play his brother’s guitar. Tyson’s dad sang Southern Gospel, but his journey as a drummer began in Sunday School when his class was preparing to sing a song and he sat at the drum set. Instead of being discouraged to play the drums, his teacher helped him play a basic beat. Since then, he was hooked and started his formal training at a young age.

The Making of The Color

God was clearly forming the band The Color, but in high school, only two of the mates knew each other and of their dream. “Then, when James moved away to go to Bible college, things just sort of came to an end,” Jordan says. Jordan and James went their separate ways, both entering into full-time ministry, however, their bond as friends could not be severed. Jordan became a youth pastor and James a summer camp director. James explains, “God had placed such a passion inside of me to disciple and mentor young leaders and I was excited about the journey.”

The reality of full-time ministry, whether you’re fresh or seasoned, is that you need friends who can be a support system for you. Jordan and James maintained that friendship. While they were working through the responsibility of their new positions, they would talk about what they were learning and how God was working in their lives. They talked about their struggles, their failures and God’s faithfulness. Life was changing for them and they needed an outlet to be able to process that change. Soon they started taking their conversations and turning them into songs.

“We started to connect for accountability purposes. We would meet, process what God was teaching us and share about the joys, hardships and life-changing stories within our ministries.” James describes, “These experiences soon began to inspire new songs. Songs about hope in the midst of life’s toughest times and songs that celebrate who God is through those times.” 

It was their rolls as youth pastor and summer camp director that made their high school dreams of being a famous band more tangible. They learned a lot from those positions and now see how God had placed them in those jobs to make the music for The Color sweeter and stronger.  

They ended up forming a band, making a record and hitting the road. This is where Larry and Tyson, who have their own journey about coming to this place, arrive at the story. “Larry began right from the start of our touring and when Tyson joined us, a little later, it felt like God was putting the final pieces together,” says James. “God has been so faithful in bringing the right people to be a part of the team, at the right time.” 

The Music, The Band, The Color

There is power and strength in music that The Color wants to portray. There philosophy of music is somewhat universal, however, each member comes at it from their own personal perspective and ideals. To them, music is a way to connect with people. It stirs the heart in a unique way, like nothing else, giving a call to maintain a life-giving purpose as a band.

Now the band has toured across Canada, their home country, and are entering into a heightened level of stardom. There’s such great intention behind everything they do. As The Color releases their album No Greater Love, they want to bring color and light to the dark and dreary world. Therefore the purpose as a band must compliment their name. 

“The thought behind the name ‘The Color’ comes from the idea that color brings life to the world around us.” Larry shares. “That is what we want to do with our lives and music. We want to bring life and a message of hope that we know can only be found in Jesus Christ.”

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