Jillian Edwards on Covers II


Jillian Edwards Covers II


e’s something powerful about taking something already created and adding your personal take. For example, take a favorite scripture beautifully designed on a canvas, a quote eloquently landing on the pages of a prayerful journal entry, a book inspiring a movie, a song crafted into a new song. The beautiful and majestic Jillian Edwards offers a series of covers that are uniquely presented in a captivating and alluring manner in her 5-song album Covers II. 

Jillian Anita Chapman, professionally known as Jillian Edwards, grew up in Dallas, Texas surrounded by music. Her parents encouraged each of their four children to learn music, so when Jillian picked up a guitar as a teenager, she flourished at song writing. During college, at Baylor University, Edwards began sharing her voice and songs to a loving audience. 

Current Jillian Edwards

Now, Jillian Edwards lives in Nashville with her husband Will Chapman, who is the son of Christian powerhouse musician Steven Curtis Chapman. Though Chapman’s music may not connect with younger audiences, the Christian music industry is significantly influenced by his work as an artist and producer. Edwards is a reflection of the talent that her father-in-law laid the foundation for.  

Edwards knows her strengths and doesn’t buy into the trendy pop-music scene, instead she uses heartfelt intricacies to create music that resonates deeply into one’s own soul that it’s utterly captivating. Jillian Edwards lives in the musical genre of indie folk, allowing her to present powerful melodies with a joyful disposition, while cultivating a longing for truth. Her breadth as a vocalist is incredible, which makes her music rich, vibrant and full of life.

Jillian Edwards has always approached her music through a Christian lens, so at first glance it seems awkward, uncharacteristic almost, that she could cover secular songs. But upon listening, one’s quick to conclude that her take on these classical covers are actually deeply spiritual. Through her ever-present faith, Edwards is able to express her own beliefs into these songs, making them truly her own. Her ethereal voice revives these covers and brings them to life. 

Jillian Edwards Dual Set

Jillian Edwards Covers Album Cover

She takes energetic and upbeat songs like The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition and U2’s Beautiful Day and turns them into dreamy presentations that are golden and powerful. In almost total opposition, she takes the timeless classic What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and turns it into the an unexpected cinematic presentation. Leona Lewis’ heart wrenching Bleeding Love becomes a delicate symphony, and Jillian Edwards turns the Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps into a whimsical music box medley. It’s easy to listen and discover something new about the original song that you never picked up before. Edwards creates an entirely new take on each song with a single note as she approaches the album with honest transparency. Covers II ironically has a grounded rootedness because of Edwards faith, but a light and airy sounds due to her echoing vocals. It’s an incredible mix. 

The original selection of covers was released in 2016, which is also worth the listen. Listening to both albums back to back and side by side with the original songs creates a magical moment where you can sense God working in the most unexpected and unpredicted ways. Jillian’s sweet vocals and powerful vigor establish this dual as a dynamic set. 

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