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Leggings are the perfect accessory any time of year. But, that’s the thing – they’re an accessory, not pants. So, don’t treat leggings as more than they are. Just because it’s on trend to wear them as pants, doesn’t mean you should. 

Leggings are incredibly cute, especially with all the fun patterns and designs that are hitting retail stores. But they certainly are not fashion forward when worn on their own (unless you’re heading out for a workout). Unfortunately, leggings and yoga pants aren’t a very attractive clothing article because they seem to accentuate all the wrong places (even if you have the perfect body type). Wearing leggings as pants is no way to show off your physique. Your body deserves something way more beautiful than skintight stretchy fabric! 

Yes, leggings are supper comfortable. Which is why we are NOT saying that you should throw them away! Goodness, no! Instead, express your beauty and personality through a great fashion sense. There are so many ways to wear a pair of fabulous leggings, so grace them with one of these styling cues:  

Wear them with a dress.

Whether the dress is girly or has a little edge, don a pair of leggings to keep your legs warm when you just want to dress up a little.

Fashion them under shorts or a skort.

Who said you could only wear shorts during the summer? Pull them out of the bottom of your dresser drawer and make them a year-long staple.

Don them with a tunic or shirt dress.

When you’re feeling casual but want something other than your typical jeans and t-shirt, grab a relaxed tunic or shirt dress to wear with your cozy leggings.

Accompany them by a short skirt.

Minis are a great way to show off your fabulous legs. By wearing the right kind of shoe, you can still show off your strength and height with a festive pair of leggings. 

Layer them beneath a flannel or men’s dress shirt.

If you have access to a long flannel or men’s dress shirt, wear them over your leggings for a sophisticated look. But, if the length just doesn’t cut it, wrap the shirt around your waist for a cool grunge feel.

Add them under a baggy sweater dress.

Rock a baggy sweater with a fabulous pair of leggings for extra cuddle capabilities.

Show us how you wear your leggings and inspire others to create new and beautiful ways to wear this fashionable accessory. Message us on Facebook or #LeggingsAren’tPants on Twitter or Instagram.

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