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Shoes, clothes, jewelry, cars, phones — the idea that you need tons of stuff is crammed into every direction you look! Consequently, the media promote these ultra-materialistic ideas. Somehow it’s becomes impossible to escape. Our culture is obsessed with obtaining as much stuff as possible, and it’s easy to forget that having everything you desire is NOT normal. The majority of the world lives without the riches presented in the media. So it’s time to acquire a more realistic perspective on a sensible life.


Much of the world suffers from poverty that is unseen in the United States.

  • Almost half of the people in the world (about 3 billion people) live on less than $2 a day.
  • The total income of the world’s poorest 2.5 billion people equals the overall total income of just a few hundred millionaires.
  • Almost 11 million children die per year due to hunger.

Although, changing these statistics is a huge undertaking, you can help by focusing on some of the little things in your life:

Consider the ways you treat people around you.

Do you ever judge people who appear poor? If so, try to understand that you don’t have a knowledge of their past circumstances which may have led to financial troubles. Instead of judging or looking down on people with less money than you, try to be friendly. If you want to reach out on a bigger scale, volunteer for an organization or program that helps people in need. Find an area in which you’re passionate and spend time serving those who are less fortunate.

Consider giving up a luxury.

Do you have a luxury you could give up? Maybe it’s that coffee fix you need three times a week. Perhaps it’s that bi-monthly trip to the movies with your friends. Or, possibly that monthly shopping spree. Take the money you would normally spend on that little treat and donate it to a worthy organization. Find an organization that interests you at www.charitynavigators.com or www.charitywatch.com. Let us know some of your favorite non-profit organizations on our facebook page.

Consider your perspective.

Changing materialistic habits or attitudes start with a shift in your mindset. The next time you complain about not getting the latest phone, remember how lucky you are to live in a household that’s blessed with more money than most people will ever see. Replace the false notion that you need to have everything you want with thankfulness for what God’s provided you.

God has called you to live a simple life. This is actually a major blessing. Rather than being tied down to stuff, or consumed by having the latest and greatest item, you’re free to make an impact on the world by serving Him.

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