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For those of you who have been waiting for a band that bridges the gap between pop culture and Christian motivation, they’ve finally arrived. LoveCollide is an incredible band that speaks about every struggle and realization you’ve experienced as a teenage Christian living in a trend savvy world on the album release Tired of Basics.

As you listen, you think they’re just another female pop group that’s here today and will be on to something new next year. But, when you hear the lyrics and engage in the intention behind the music, you realize that LoveCollide is singing the songs that have been on your heart for years as you’ve tried to stand firm in your faith and identity in a world that opposes everything you’ve understood to be true. “We want our music to be an experience, not just something to listen to,” says Lauren Budnick. “We want the vibe, the style we give people and the love they receive to be something they remember, something that changes them.”

More excitingly, LoveCollide invigorates listeners not to survive in a world full of great opposition, but to live an exhilarating life. It’s not about fitting in to society, getting by and being comfortable with the mundane. Instead, LoveCollide reminds us that God has called us away from boredom and mediocrity toward adventure. “We like to think outside the box and challenge others not to live the basic life,” Lauren says, “but to step out into the unknown and live out the life that God has called them to.” Life is exciting when we take a bold stand to believe in and follow a valiant Savior.“That’s the theme, that’s the mission–an extraordinary life,” Brooke adds. “Living in a way where you can never be labeled, like Jesus. Starting revival by being the light, being different, showing who Jesus is through us.” Brooke and Lauren want to be a beautiful reflection of God’s character and love, which naturally is seen in their physical appearance, but also their actions and life.

Their story is as endearing as their music. Sisters Lauren Budnick and Brooke Deleary started a band together when they were just tweens. Brooke started playing drums when she was three and has entertained music all her life. Growing up in Nashville, Christian music was central to their world.  That was intentional to God’s plan. The siblings have experienced and watched God take what they thought would be a side project and turned it into a brilliant form of ministry. The sisters have released a few independent records, toured across the US and Canada, played with some big-name Christian artists, had film and TV appearances and dabbled in modeling.

Life truly is beautiful for this sweet duo. From living in a striking city, to playing incredible music, having gorgeous singing voices and a beautiful purpose, LoveCollide knows what it’s like to be blessed. But the road hasn’t always been easy. Though the girls have an incredible family life, their road with relationships has been rather rocky.  The majority of the songs on their album are about surrendering dreams to Him and trusting Him while in the middle of uncertainty and confusion. Lauren and Brooke wouldn’t be able to write such touching songs if it weren’t for the heartbreak they’ve both personally suffered. Lauren and her fiancé called off the marriage 5 months before the wedding. It ends up that God arranges things faultlessly. As Lauren’s heart was broken and confused, God was setting up her bandmate, Adam, to become the man she would marry. Adam, the band’s drummer, says, “It’s as if God was saying, ‘this is your gift for being patient, and waiting on my timing. Enjoy’!” When Lauren speaks of the painful breakup she says, “It had become painfully clear that the two of us were not heading in the same direction…. our passions in life, careers and locations did not match up.Meanwhile, I had my two best friends to carry me through this hard time… my sister and Adam. It was during this time when God was revealing to me what was and was not right for my future… my eyes began to see everything clearly. After we called things off…. God made it VERY clear that my best friend was my true love. This was not taken lightly. God had blessed the timing incredibly. Essentially, when we started dating, we knew from the very start that we were going to get married.”

12688849-lovecollide-releases-dont-want-it-single-from-tired-of-basic-albumThe birthing of Lauren and Adam’s story deeply reflects the bands desire to demonstrate God’s tremendous love for us and how He wants to capture our hearts. Rather than settling for what Lauren thought was the ideal situation, she continued pursing God’s heart and His intention for her life and a beautiful marriage is the result. “I thought I was supposed to settle for that mediocre love, that my dreams for marrying my best friend and the love of my life were for someone else,” says Lauren. “I’d just given up in a sense, but God radically changed my life when I broke off that relationship. Then God gave me Adam.”

God wasn’t just working in Lauren’s life during that time. Brooke experienced a very difficult, yet very different, hardship. With the countries cycle of racism, hatred and division, Brooke found herself consumed by the negativity of this world which led to a deep, dark depression. “I lost myself for a long time,” she recalled. “I lost my connection with the world because I couldn’t handle all the negativity. I spent a lot of time in bed, detached.”  For a girl who has always pursued the opposite of cultural popularity and trends, Brooke found herself overwhelmed by what the world was presenting. So, she decided to step back and sink even deeper into God. Though tired, and full of despair, she fasted and that is where God gave her some very substantial words. “He said to me, ‘I can’t begin a new thing in your life when you still have old things,’” Brooke remembered. “‘I can’t fill you up when you’re still full with what was left over.’ That kind of turned things around.”

As both Brooke and Lauren turned a corner, leaving their past behind, God inspired new music, a clearer image, a brighter future and a bolder purpose. “We want to unite, love people, love each other, giving without expectation,” Brooke says. “With how we live our life, with our music, with everything–we want to slap people in the face with love!”

Too many people are driven by mainstream attractions, beliefs and behaviors. They’re more concerned about fitting in and being acceptable to people around them, even at the cost of dulling their perspective of God. Not LoveCollide. They want to be on the front of creativity. They know what is going on in the world, but they want to bring fresh, new and innovative ways of viewing things – through the lens of a holy and loving God. “We’ve always wanted to be current,” Lauren says. “It’s always been a journey for us, and always will be. I think our biggest goal with this new music and this new album was to create something that truly sounded like what we listen to on a daily basis, and what gets us going, and that’s dancy pop.”

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