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Sometimes if feels like you were created to desire what everyone else has. You want someone else’s hair, body, nose, house, car, grades, talent… The list is never ending. You’re never satisfied with what you have, so you believe that if you had everything you wanted, then (and only then) would life be good.

You weren’t created to want other people’s possessions. Your desire comes from the sinful nature you inherited from Adam and Eve when they ate the apple and disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. They wanted what was not yet theirs. Ever since, humans have felt like other people are so “lucky” because of what they have, who they are or who they know. The reality is no one is lucky, everything you own is a gift from God. All your possessions, abilities, knowledge and relationships are because of God’s provision.

Possessions don’t bring luck, finding and seizing opportunities by challenging yourself to change your perspective brings awareness of God’s blessings. If life is hard and it doesn’t seem like God is on your side, there are a few things that you can do – not to change your luck, but to realize that God’s providence is greater than any luck.

God’s in control, but you aren’t a puppet.

Too often you sit by, doing nothing, just waiting for God to provide. God gave you certain gifts, talents and resources to use for His glory and your own benefit. He works through you, so if you’re waiting on Him, you’ll be waiting a long time. Sometimes He takes a while to make things move, but you can make things happen if you’re eagerly pursuing Him and seeking out what He wants of you. Life is full of cause and effect relationships, that’s because God made you that way. You have the ability to cause things to move.

God created you to be persistent.

God knows what He wants. He even knows exactly what He wants for your life, and He will not give up until He gets His way. He created you to be the same. Don’t give up too easily. Pursuing what you want and discovering who you are builds confidence. Now is the time in life when you’re supposed to start standing on your own two feet and find your own identity, separate from mom and dad. Determination is built by being able to establish confidence in yourself.

Failure provides an opportunity to grow.

Failure doesn’t define your character, rather it builds character. You should welcome the occasion to fail, because then you have an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Failure isn’t being reckless or ignorant. It’s taking healthy risks that are challenging and invigorating. Those ventures help you to mature and grow. If you can find a solution to your failure, and move forward in life, God will bless you from the lesson learned.

Ask lots of questions.

Seek out answers to the big questions of life. Your ability to understand the universe is limited compared to the knowledge of God, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inquire. When you seek answers to some of the greatest questions, you realize how small you are and how massive God is. This awareness helps us grasp His provision over your own.

You don’t have to conform to the rest of the crowd. What most of the world is doing doesn’t compliment God’s character and nor does it elevate His desire for your life. Walk away from that and pursue God’s intention instead. Learn to see what others aren’t seeing. Greatness occurs when you’re willing to step away from the current flow and do your own thing. Wander off the beaten path – take the road less traveled… enter through the narrow gate.

Focus on God’s goodness.

Notice the good in life rather than the down-trodden occurrences that always seem to happen. When you focus on the good things, you’ll start to notice more and more good things. The more you see, the more you realize how much God’s in control. He is good and He wants good things for His children. Sometimes seeing the good among all the gloom may seem impossible, but even pointing out one tiny element of goodness sparks a positive reaction. Satan wants you to focus on the bad, don’t let him win that battle.

God turns all things into good.

Don’t deny the bad or hard things that happen in life. That’s just silly. But, recognizing that God will make something good out of everything is a blessing and a representation of His glory. The unfortunate and unexpected do and will happen in life. You can let them pull you down, or you can “make the best of it.” If you can learn to take advantage of situations, then you’ll see how easy it is for God to take what might seem devastating and turn it into something beautiful.

Let other people help you.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity of the world, causing you to be blind to the good and fortunate in your own life. You need outside help from friends, family, teachers, coaches, pastors; these people can show you the goodness in their life or be a reflection of the goodness in your life. The people you know can lead to fortunate connections, but they can also be a reminder of God’s daily provision. So, meet new people, build the bonds you currently have and love deeply.

Have a plan.

If life doesn’t seem to go your way, have a back-up plan. If you only have one way forward, then you may potentially always feel stuck. If one way doesn’t work, try another. This doesn’t mean that your off track and falling away from God’s intention for your life, it could mean a variety of things. Life will never be perfect, but you can be perfectly content if you allow some freedom in your plan.

If you’re able to use a few of these tips in life, then you’ll begin to experience more of God’s provision and guidance. He’s directing your life, not luck. Being lucky has nothing to do with living a satisfying life. Loving the Lord and following His desires for your life brings contentment and joy.

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