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Mascara is a “girl’s best friend,” or so many claim. It brings definition to your eyes, adding intensity to your favorite feature. It lifts your eyes when you’re feeling down, brightens your eyes when you’re feeling tired and even opens your eyes when you’re feeling uncertain. Why wouldn’t you love this wondrous wand?

But, it’s impossible to love this magnificent tool if it’s not being used correctly. Misuse could result in disaster, or just drab looking eyes. No one wants that! Here are nine tips to ensure proper application every time you swipe your mascara wand.


1) Curling your lashes before applying mascara helps to establish greater coverage.

2) Use a primer prior to applying your mascara to maintain equal coverage.

3) Point your brush toward the bridge of your nose rather than your temples. Not only will you prevent accidently applying mascara to your nose, but your lashes will naturally fan out.

4) Gently wiggle your mascara wand in a back-and-forth motion from root to tip to separate lashes while helping them look longer and thicker.

5) Apply mascara to only your top lashes for a cleaner, brighter look. Mascara on your top lashes will provide lift, while mascara on your bottom lashes can create an illusion that the eye is being dragged down. This may draw attention to fine lines, dark circles and bags under your eyes.


6) Apply two coats. But, do one eye at a time to ensure the mascara doesn’t dry between coats.

7) Water resistant formulas aren’t only to prevent streaking when crying, they also prevent smudging, budging, clumping or flaking.


8) Use eye make-up remover rather than a facial cleanser when removing mascara. Not only are your eyes a sensitive area, but mascara is made of some pretty hardy material that clings to lashes. Eye make-up remover has a special formula to help breakdown mascara while still being sensitive to your baby blues.

9) Replace your mascara every 6 months. Yes, even if you still have half a tube left. It’s important to freshen up your make-up regularly, and mascara is not where you want to be stingy.

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