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Biblical truths and inspirational quotes – sure, they’re uplifting. We all need a little of that these days. But add pulsating beats and dynamic vocals, then you’re producing unadulterated hope. That’s what the Apollo LTD duo, Adam Stark and Jordan Phillips, are doing with their sophomore album Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful. In a time when hope is sparse, this band takes on the challenge. Nothing is Ordinary. Everything it Beautiful is an electronic soundscape of technicolor pulling you into danceable drumbeats and singable choruses. Bandmates Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark offer hope for the beginning of the 2021 year with themes of optimism and mindfulness in every song.

Topics of overcoming hardship, waiting for brilliant things to come, making it a good day, not dwelling on the past but living for the present moment overwhelm the album. With clarity, Apollo LTD claim that we have a destiny, God has an incredible plan for our lives, we’re children of a King, He’s in control and He made us – fearfully and wonderfully. They sing about how strength comes from our struggles, therefore we must hold fast and keep pushing through the storm, because the storm will pass. Although these are powerful statements on their own, Apollo LTD proclaims them more eloquently and with greater vigor through music, making it more fun to hear in a song.

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The overall, encompassing theme is that it’s all about perspective. We can choose to focus on the lousy, the negative, the heavy and weighed down – or we can look to something greater than ourselves and see how life is a blessing. “Life is a matter of perspective, which is what we wanted to convey with the album’s title,” says Stark of Apollo LTD. “There are silver linings all around if you’re willing to shift your perspective to find them. Life’s hard. It really is. But your perspective matters. Keep your eyes open, be present, and look for the good — because it’s there, if you choose to see it.

This duo comes together, each with a unique perspective. Adam is an accomplished, skilled and well-trained musician, while Jordan is a passionate poet. Their very nature unlocks a rich collaboration with history and faith as producers, songwriters and humans. They have certainly experienced their own share of unstable times, insecurity and unknown. But, that’s no place for the duo of Apollo LTD to dwell, their focus is on creating incredible music.

Apollo LTD Create Incredible Music

Musicians find their muse from something, someone or somewhere. Apollo LTD draws their inspiration from old-school concert venues. The experience of a big concert captivates them, therefore they always go back to that recollection. It’s the energy of the event that they’re drawn to – it’s addicting. And, the great artist who could fill an arena had something significant and powerful to say. That’s what Apollo LTD wants to offer – an substantial experience. 

Though creation for the duo could compare to playtime. They look to a massive variety for influence. They play around with differing sounds when recording to craft the right tone and vibe. They desire to be innovative with their music, they want to venture into new territory and create something groundbreaking. Phillips states, “Art and creation come from a place of introspection and self-awareness, but also a desire to serve.” The duo of Apollo LTD desires to create something that connects people to one another. A song can create that feeling. It can give you a sense that you belong. Phillips continues, “Transcendent art creates empathy and inclusion.” Everyone is trying to figure out “life.” We all wrestle with similar struggles and music becomes the vehicle which helps us express what we’re experiencing. 

Finally, Apollo LTD is a band that produces music that relates to the very heart and soul of our nature. With energy like no other, especially in the Christian Industry, Apollo LTD provides Biblical truths our hearts long to proclaim with a soundscape that compliments the life we’re living. It’s simply cinematic, and isn’t that what we all desire – a life worth living, a story worth telling? Their uplifting anthems speak about resilience and resolve to a beat and tempo that drives us forward.

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