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Essentials for Speedy Makeup Application

You just finished practice and you have a dinner date at your boyfriend’s house with his parents. Or, you’re off to a study group that’s meeting at the hottest hangout place in town after a long afternoon of chores. Or, you’re heading out with your best girlfriends to pick up some essentials at the mall after sleeping in a little too long. In your rush to look proper, you don’t have a lot of time to freshen up.  Here are the essential make-up tools you’ll need to look vibrant, bright and well put together.

Wash your face with moisturizing cleanser.

A clean face translates well and it provides you with a little pick-me up.

Add a powder foundation.

Liquid foundation takes too long to apply and may look streaked if put on in a rush. Instead, opt for a powder foundation that applies evenly.  

Swipe your eyes with a bit of mascara.

When mascara is applied to the top lashes, it creates the illusion that your eyes are lifted, which brighten your face.  

Add lip-gloss in a color that compliments your skin tone.  

Don’t worry about trendy colors because they may clash with the clothes you throw on last minute. Instead, have a color on-hand that compliments your natural beauty so it’ll look good no matter what the season.  

Do a dual eye shadow.

If you must have an eye shadow, use a dual eye shadow stick in a golden or nude pallet. One side offers a darker color for your crease and the other side provides a lighter hue to fill the lid. 

Throw it all together in a trendy makeup bag.

Keep everything together in one dual purposed make-up bag that would look smashing as a clutch, cross body or handbag.

Carry these essentials in your workout bag, backpack or purse for quick and easy touchups at any time. 

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