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With streaming services spewing out more material than anyone can adequately consume in a day, the content isn’t always the most appealing or interesting. So rather than binge watching another sad series, take a look at a classic! Classic films are often over-looked – some people think they’re boring because they’re used to today’s movies that are high in CGI and special effects. Here are a few reasons why you should take a look at classic movies:

Try something new.

True, these movies are old. But they’re new to you! New characters, places and perspectives! Watching old movies is a fun way to try something different without going over the edge. It’s also a great way to enjoy movie night without watching the same movies over and over.

Watching old film is a great way to discover things about yourself.

Classic film (and film in general) beautifully encompasses many different aspects of art. If you’re fascinated by the politics and story of All the President’s Men, there’s a good chance you’re really into history. If you find yourself laughing at the irrationality of The Time Machine, you may want to take your science class more seriously. If the dialogue of Casablanca sends shivers up your spine, then try your hand at writing or reading more. Even if you have already discovered these loves, classic film is another way to express your existing passions.

Catch inside-film-watcher jokes in modern movies.

Many modern day movies and TV episodes will nod to classic film in their content. You know when Buddy the elf stands on the Brooklyn Bridge looking over the water? That’s a reference to It’s a Wonderful Life. Wall-E the robot spins around a lamppost, which is a reference to Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain.

Know your movie history.

You may feel that Citizen Kane, Psycho and High Noon aren’t the flashiest movies, but if you really evaluate them, you’ll see an amazing amount of innovation and incredibly complex camera techniques. In fact, modern filmmakers have been building upon the ideas and revolutionary steps of classic filmmakers. Meticulous planning took place to keep viewers in the midst of the real nuts and bolts of storytelling. The effects, camera angles and genres of contemporary movies were inspired and made possible by classic film. For example, Cartoon/real-life actor interactions were made possible by the work in Mary Poppins, Anchors Aweigh and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Movie sequences with a larger-than-life character are based on the work from The Incredible Shrinking Man.

Listen for God.

During the time that classic films were made, morals and ethics were more commonly agreed upon, and there was a stronger understanding of the importance of the church. Because of that, Christian morals and insights can be drawn from scenes in classic film, even if that was not the exact intention. For instance, a strong theme of justice, responsibility and good vs. evil can be seen in the conversation between Father O’Flaherty and Colonel Kappler in Scarlet and the Black.

Many classic films are available on Netflix or other streaming services that you already have. Or, they can be found at the library or by tuning into TCM (Turner Classic Movies). A whole new set of movies awaits you! In the words of Rick Blaine, “Here’s looking at you kid.”

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