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Express Yourself Through Decorative Nails

They’re like little pieces of art, small and intricate and full of limitless creative possibilities. Dressing them up or dressing them down, nails are a fun way to add variety and color to your appearance.

For Fun and Funky Colors:

From standard colors, to seasonal shades to off-the-wall, unexpected hues, Ella + Mila has something to stimulate any personality.

Try Ella + Mila First Class ($10.50) for a perfect tone to set you in the mood for Back-to-School.

For Sweet and Standard Colors:

Classic pastel shades, dark luxurious colors and shiny specks of sparkle.

Try Sophi Morning Kisses ($7.99) a matte pink shade that will give nails a tender touch.

For Affordable and Adorable Colors:

Ramp up a seasonal shade with vibrancy from LA Girl Gel Extreme Shine eccentric color choices.

Try LA Girl Gel Extreme Shine in Eden ($5.00) for a hard to miss color that grabs anyone’s attention.

For Stickers of flowers, hearts, letters and butterflies:

Add a little flair and fun to already beautiful nails with a chic or playful sticker.

Try Nails Inc. Pearl-fect Mani Nail Polish and Sticker Set ($16.00) for stickers that are in vogue and a little edgy.

Time-Crunched Solution:

Looks like you’ve been to the nail salon, but really, you just spent a few quiet minutes caring for yourself.

Try Ardell Nail Addict Premium Nail Set in Pastel Pink & Purple ($8.00) for a crisp, clean nude that never goes out of style.

Artistic Decoration

The world is your sketchpad, now your nails can be too!

Try LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Polish in any color to add designs and decorations using a precision pointed brush.

For a French Manicure Kit:

Use the supplies to create a perfectly manicured French manicure in minutes. Play around with colors so you aren’t just creating a clean white slate.

Try using Sally Hansen Instant French Manicure Pen ($10.99) for a classic look.

Don’t worry about making an expensive appointment at your local nail salon, check out your Pinterest board and start playing around with these tools to create your own nail art!

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