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Unique Products and Organizations That We Think You’ll Like

Voice of a Martyr

Global Prayer Journal for Persecuted Christians from Voice of a Martyr (VOM)

Voice of a Martyr (VOM) reveals the stark reality of Christian persecution throughout the world. They share stories of ordinary Christians, incredible heroes as well as teachers and leaders in faith who killed for their faith. We want to highlight an incredible prayer journal that they offer which includes summaries of countries where Christians are currently being persecuted. The journal is designed to be a place to journal and write down prayers for the persecuted as well as other notes and prayer needs in your life.

Elevated Faith

Purity Bracelet from Elevated Faith

Like many trendy Christian Clothing companies, Elevated Faith wants your clothes to give you a starting point to talk to people about your faith and relationship with Jesus. We want to highlight their very simple, but totally fashionable Purity Bracelets. The white strands are inspired by how Christ purifies our hearts, mind and body. We love this bracelet because it reminds us that the Holy Spirit will allow us to overcome sin and help us strive for purity, like Christ. Plus, an awesome bonus, Elevated Faith gives a portion of sales to various charities.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

John 1:9


No matter what happens in life, you will EverBe His! This incredible Christian cosmetic line reminds women that they are forever connected to a deep, beautiful and loving relationship with their heavenly father. Through rich, vivid colors and textures, EverBe affirms women of their God given identity and beauty. Inspirational scripture and affirmative words grace the product to emphasize our radiance, glory and fruitfulness.

The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)

The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) believes that the answer to orphan and foster care is in the church. Therefore, they bring organizations (orphanages, foster care and adoption agencies) together with the church so all children can learn that God, our loving Father, sought us, adopted us and wants to live with us for eternity as His sons and daughters.

Fabrics of Faith

Fabrics of Faith encourages you to express your faith with boldness through fashionable and captivating clothing. They bring scriptural teaching and foundational truths to life through intriguing design. Their 70X7 Forgiveness line reminds believers of Jesus’ words to forgive someone 70 x 7 times. God’s Word challenges and inspires us, making them a perfect accessory.

Mana Nutrition “Mother Administered Nutritive Aid” 

A child dies from severe acute malnutrition every ten seconds. Mana Nutrition creates a peanut based product known as Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) that provides children with the nutrients they need to return to good health. Mana then partners with various organizations to distribute the product as well as provide information on proper nutrition to communities in need. Mana Nutrition is not a faith-based organization, however, they have a lot of Christians that work for the company and there are a lot of Christian philosophies woven into the organization’s practices. They also partner with a lot of Christian aid organizations that distribute their product to children in need.

Scripture Candy

Jesus is the sweetest name we know and that is why Scripture Candy wants to share His Word with the world “One piece at a time.” This cute, little candy company is wrapping up common and favorite candies with scriptures and messages that help spread God’s Word as well as help people understand the scriptures just a bit more! Our favorite, Fruit of the Spirit! 

God the Father

G​​od the Father provides high-quality streetwear for Christians, and gives 10% of every purchase to World Vision. Check out their On My Sleeve Hoodie which has a few scriptures written on the sleeve. Another favorite is their branded God the Father hat. Perfect all year round.

Everything We Need Podcast

Okay, shameless plug! Our founder, Melinda Laging, started up a 9 minute devotional podcast on how God will provide us with Everything We Need in life. Melinda releases a monthly episode on the current topic of Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts. Next year, she’ll start a series on Identifying Who God Is and Who We Are, so stay tuned!

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