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This summer is filled with celebration. You’re probably celebrating not having class and homework, hanging out with your friends and chillin’ on the beach with your family. Here @ niNe., we’re celebrating the ten year anniversary from our premiere issue.

Ten years ago, we featured Bethany Hamilton as she launched her perfume line. Now she’s married and just celebrated her first Mother’s Day!

Five years ago when we relaunched as an online-only publication, we featured Beckah Shae who continues to actively live out a life for Christ as an advocate for those whose voice is rarely heard while sharing her heart through tremendous music.

We’ve featured a Kindergarten teacher who now travels across the country singing about God’s love. We’ve featured a guy who used to sing songs with his sister, but now is one of America’s favorite Idols.

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Cover Issue 3 - Beckah Shae

Cover Issue 1 - Bethany Hamilton

We’ve featured a series of films determined to convince the world that God is truly Alive and active in our world, plus a film that really digs into God’s desire for romance in our lives.

We’ve featured movements and organizations changing the lives of people all over the world.

We’ve featured a former model, now mom and advocate as well as a former singer, now actress.

We’ve promoted people, movies, organizations and groups all choosing to take a stand for Christ no matter what the cost.

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We’ve journeyed through ten years of fashion and beauty trends. Worked with you to maintain a healthy, active and beautiful body. We’ve walked you through the ups and downs of relationship woes. We’ve challenged your faith and guided you closer to the Lord as He challenged you. We’ve listened to your misery throughout the school year and heard your joy in achieving great accomplishments. We’ve watched you grow into tremendous women of God who are set on changing the world!

The last ten years have been incredible, but it has all just been a foundation for what we anticipate for the next ten amazing years. We have exciting plans for the following ten years and are diligently working toward these goals. But, we don’t want to walk this journey alone. We want to invite you to join us. Certainly, you can help us reach our goals, but rather, we’d like to encourage you to set your own goals. Yes, it’s a great goal to simply get through another school year, but we want to challenge you to look to your future. Who do you want to be in ten years? Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing? Many of you will be looking toward college; some of you will be working toward marriage. Most of you will be establishing your first career. But, let’s think beyond those elements that naturally come because of the stage of life you’re in. Look to how you want to be making a difference in world. What type of change do you want to be making when you’re 23, 25 and 28? What passions and drives do you have now that you don’t want to let go of? How has God crafted you that makes you unique and charged toward a specific calling?

How has God crafted you that makes you unique and charged toward a specific calling?

I was just out of college when I started niNe. magazine. In ten years from now you’ll be the age that I was when I started the magazine. But when I was your age, I simply went through the motions of going to school, was active in youth group and focused on my extracurricular activities. I dated incredible guys, and not so incredible guys. I established amazing friendships (that are still strong today) as well as have seen friendships lost, broken and bruised. It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I felt God calling me to start the magazine. I didn’t need Him to call me earlier, but I admire young people who are drawn toward a path of making a tremendous impact in the world at an earlier age. The job doesn’t need to be huge, but it needs to be from the heart and from God.

The day I felt the urge to start the magazine, I remember looking back at the previous ten years of my life and recalling all the moments that God was preparing me for the job He wanted me to do. I was oblivious to it when I was a teenager, but now, it couldn’t be clearer. He is constantly working in my life, directing me to an incredible adventure that He wants to live with me. What is God already working on in your life? What is He doing now to prepare you for the adventure ahead? What are you currently setting in place so you can reach these outstanding goals?

What is God doing now to prepare you for the adventure ahead?

To celebrate our ten year anniversary, we wanted to offer you a fresh look to your favorite magazine. While planning our new web design, we prayed that it would be a place of refuge. Certainly, we’re a magazine full of information and insight for you to engage with and soak in, but we want our publication to be a clean, refreshing place for you to relax and hear from the Lord. He has great things to say to you and we can’t wait to hear what you discover through our content.

Tell us your #niNeTurns10 goals. What has God placed on your heart for your future? We want to encourage you, but also help promote your endeavors! Happy Birthday niNe. magazine.









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